Meal Plan Monday!

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Yay! I’m finally back on track and can make a meal plan this week! It was rough to “wing it” when I got home last tuesday up until now, but thanks to my stockpile, we still had some yummy meals that were easy to make. I didn’t even have to run to the store for anything.

Monday: Lazy mom’s tator soup(with corn added in) and homemade rolls
Tuesday: Breakfast for dinner! Yogurt pancakes(recipe coming soon!) with turkey bacon and grapes
Wednesday: Baked italian chicken with mixed veggies and sauteed potatoes and onions
Thursday: Vegetable fried rice
Friday: Pizza! Probably with some leftover chicken on top
Saturday: Roasted Chicken with green beans and rice pilaf
Sunday: Off to Six Flags for fright fest!(And for free! whoopie!)

Dessert of the Week: Grandma’s sour cream pound cake(recipe coming soon!)
Bread of the week: Honey wheat

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  1. 10.12.09
    Lucky said:

    That soup sounds carb-wonderful! I missed it the first time around, so I’m glad you added a link.

  2. 10.13.09
    JennysMom said:

    Vegetable Fried Rice! *Jumping Up and Down* It may be my absolute favorite recipe of yours, Amiyrah. I made it once but didn’t have ginger, but the 2nd time, I found that key ingredient hiding in my pantry. What a difference!

    And mahalo for the tip to make the rice the day before. Although it’s difficult to wait for the rice to “set” in the ‘fridge for a day, your fried rice is off the charts in a 1-10 scenario.

    I’m gonna make a big pot of (organic) brown rice early tomorrow morning. Maybe then I can make the fried rice tomorrow night.

    Oooh, and guess what? Grocery Boy spilled the (organic) beans and let me know bulk brown rice will be a lead loss leader come November. He ordered an entire pallet. Why?

    Conventional rice in bulk will be featured at 39 cents/lb. But wholly guacamole! It’s the (organic) variety I can’t wait to get my paws on! He’s blowin’ that out the front door with a 99 cents/lb sale. But his grocery hound mama–since,I am HIS mama–gets another 20% GB discount. That makes the (organic) rice only 79 cents/lb.

    Um, Captain Obvious (another Grocery Boy fav) here: Is it any wonder that YOUR fried rice will be
    #1 in my pantry for a long time. My tummy is doing back flips in delight just drooling over it.

    Mahalo for all you do, Four Hats! This is one CA lady who really appreciates it.