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This week, we’re going to start the “rubber chicken” effect by roasting a chicken on monday and using it in most of my meals the rest of the week. I’m sure there will still be chicken left next week too, which means I’ll have a few more meals already under my belt. I love a good roasted chicken!  I’m also making my cream of chicken soup this week. I haven’t made it in ages and can’t wait to make it. With all the good sales on evaporated milk, I think it’s finally time.

Monday: Roast Chicken with rice pilaf and green beans
Tuesday: Pasta Bake with mozzarella
Wednesday: Cream of Chicken soup with homemade dinner rolls
Thursday:Chinese chicken casserole
Friday: Pizza night!
Saturday and Sunday: Off to the base again! The boys are going to finish off the leftovers

Dessert of the week: My Apple Pie or slow cooker apple cobbler using this recipe. Not sure which one yet.
Bread of the week: Store bought(I know, but I don’t have any more wheat flour)

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  1. 11.8.09
    CaraM said:

    I love “rubber chicken”! Just last week we had a roasted bird that turned into chicken & rice soup, quesadillas, and chicken pot pie. Plus I still froze a bag of leftovers! I’m going to try your Chinese Chicken casserole sometime soon!

  2. 11.8.09
    Noelle said:

    How big a bird do you start with? We have a small family, but I can usually only get 2 meals and 1 lunch for my darling out of our chicken.

  3. 11.9.09
    Amiyrah said:

    Noelle, I don’t like to get anything over 6 pounds if I can help it. The bigger the bird, the longer I have to run the oven and waste electricity. I used to only get a few dinners out of a chicken until I learned to use EVERY PART of the bird. I make stock in the crock pot that night, I use the dark meat for soups, I slice one of the breasts thin and use for lunch meat that week, and the meat in the wings and legs, if they aren’t eaten, are saved for snacking or to place in a quesadilla or on top of our pizza on friday nights.

  4. 11.9.09
    Noelle said:

    Thanks! That’s about the size of the birds we get and we use every part. You should see my husband eat chicken! LOL I think it just must be he REALLY LIKES CHICKEN and that is why I can not make more than 2 meals out of a bird. Glad you can make it stretch, though!