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We are so tired of turkey by now but have tons left. I think we’re gonna take a little break from it(except for a turkey noodle soup), and go with beef and chicken this week. Plus, since I have to go to the base this weekend, I want to make a big pot of chili for the boys to eat while I’m gone. That should keep them from the fast food places since it’s one of their favorite meals.

Monday: Marinated Chuck steaks with mashed potatoes and corn
Tuesday: broiled Asian BBQ wings with string beans and white rice
Wednesday: Faux crab cakes with mixed veggies
Thursday: Turkey noodle soup
Friday: Pizza night!
Saturday: Texas no-bean chili (I’m gonna start it in the crockpot when I leave in the morning and the boys can have it for lunch and dinner)
Sunday: Either frito pie or chili dogs, depending on how much chili is left when I get home

dessert of the week: Lots of cookies and treats!
Bread of the week: store bought…we still have a few .09 loaves to eat up

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  1. 12.7.09

    Your menu sounds delicious.

  2. 12.7.09
    Bethany said:

    what is frito pie?!

  3. 12.7.09
    Amiyrah said:

    fritos topped with chili…yum in a bowl