Getting set for the New Year

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A new year gives us a chance to make new changes and wipe our slate clean. If you missed out on a goal last year, you can try again at the stroke of midnight on 12/31. 

I do love to think about what great things I want to accomplish with the new year, but it seems like when I put them down as set goals, I go out of my way to not do them.  It’s the rebel in me. That also pertains to this blog. I made a few resolutions January of last year, and I didn’t really check off everything on that list. Oh well. I still had fun with you guys on here!

I do hope to expand 4 Hats and Frugal in 2010.  Learn more about how to maintain the blog, introduce new traffic and connect even more to my readers. The latter has been the best part of 2009, with the blog spotlights I’ve done and responding to all of your great comments.  I’ve enjoyed adding some new bloggie friends, and learning that we have more in common than just being fans of frugal living.

Family life here will be taken to the next level, as well, hopefully with your help. I plan on re-evaluating our family traditions and activities and even asking you all from time to time about what great things you love to do with your families.  This should also be lots of fun, especially with the new addition arriving this summer.  Hubby now spends weekends at home with us rather than working at least 10 hours, and Sonny is old enough to pick what he would like to do with us on the weekend.  Plus, I would love to not have to do all the event planning for all of us every weekend. I gave that job up in the professional world almost 3 years ago, so I’d like to let it go in my personal life as well.

Frugally, I plan on driving the train at the same speed. We have been doing quite well, paid off a major credit card, and have been able to take on some trials and tribulations without having throw ourselves in the poor house after throwing money at them.  I see that as a success, since a few years ago we would have easily resorted to asking family members for money to help us temporarily.  Also, with the raises that Hubby has gotten this past year(and will continue to get as a state worker), we can take the extra income and increase our savings.  It would be great to get a brand new bedroom set and flat screen TVs for every room, but increasing our savings would be oh so much better.

I just wanted to thank all of you for your continued support of this little old blog.  You’ll have no idea how much it means to me and how it’s the only thing that keeps me sane every once in a while.  You’re more than readers, you’re becoming family.  I wish you and your family prosperity and good wishes for 2010.

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  1. 1.4.10
    A.Marie said:

    Hope you have wonderful 2010! 🙂

  2. 1.6.10
    Precious said:

    I know you will have a wonderful 2010 with a new baby added to your family.

    I never worry if all my goals for the year don’t get reached. At least if you reach for the moon, you get a star. If you don’t set goals, you never get to where you are going.