Savin’ a lot at Save-A-Lot- And a Giveaway!

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I pretty much stick to my same grocery stores to keep my life simple, but once in a while, I do love to venture into other wonderful stores to see how they operate.

Recently, I was contacted by Save-A-Lot, a chain of grocery stores that was described to me as being similar to Aldi’s. They wanted to offer a prize for a giveaway to all of my readers, and you know how much I love to give away prizes! But, since I had never been to the chain, I was a little leary. Plus, the store that was closest to me was about 45 minutes away, so I wondered if I would even be able to check out the store to give it my approval. My opportunity came just in time.

When I knew we would be on Christmas vacation in Ohio, I immediately looked up locations in the area we visit. I lucked out when I found that one would be located right in the shopping center near our hotel. Score! So, I gave myself a challenge to only spend 15.00 but to look for quality products that Hubby’s Aunt could use to feed her own Husband and 14 year old growing son.  I was on a mission.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Save-A-Lot offers name brand items AND will accept coupons. The prices were just want I expect at an Aldi, so being able to use coupons on top of that is just icing on the cake. The store I went to was organized nicely and the staff was friendly, but that might just be because I was in Ohio. All and all, I left the store with 5 bags of food for a little over 15 dollars. I was also able to use a 5 off 20.00 printable coupon that Save-A-Lot was offering for a while. Again, yet another bonus of the trip.

Hubby’s Aunt was so excited to see all of the groceries that I picked up and I even went through the list of items with her so she could see how great the prices were at Save-A-Lot. I think I may have convinced her to come to the dark side.

So, this is what I want to do for you: Thanks to Save-A-Lot, I have a 15.00 gift card and a re-usable bag to give to one lucky reader! Just leave a comment under this post letting me know what you could get off your usual grocery list for only 15.00.  Would it just be proteins? Lot’s a junk food? Or can you get a week’s worth of groceries with those meager wages?
The contest will be open until Wednesday, January 27th at 10pmEST. One comment per person. The winner will be announced on 1/28/10.

Not sure if you have a Save-A-Lot near you? Click here to find out. If not, enter for a family member!

A big thank you to Save-A-Lot for providing the prize for this giveaway. You guys rock!

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  1. 1.21.10
    Lucky said:

    I am cracking up at your comment that the friendly people may have been just because you were in Ohio…I notice the same thing when I go.

    Anyway, sadly, $15 would buy me milk and cat food (cat is on a special diet).

    I would love to win this for when we visit Ohio.

    cookingluck 29 @ yahoo . com

  2. 1.21.10

    I LOVE SAve-A-Lot! I would get milk and bananas for sure. With the extra, I might even get a turkey breast that would last at least 3 meals πŸ™‚

    Thank you!!

  3. 1.21.10
    slugmama said:

    A Sav-a-Lot opened up in the next town about a yr. ago but I must confess I haven’t been to it yet.
    This would be an opportunity to check them out. I “hear” they have really good prices so I’d take my binder with me and grab whatever deals I could find.
    And I really think you should pick me because it’s my Birthday today.lolol

  4. 1.21.10

    At my regular grocery shopping place, I would only be able to get 3 packs of chicken breasts for $15.00, so I would be anxious to see what could be had at Sav-A-Lot for $15.00. Thank you.

  5. 1.21.10
    Sandy said:

    First off-Congrats on your new little one !! And if I were to win, first I would have to find a Save-A-Lot, then I would buy $15.00 worth of consumables.. probably tp !!!

  6. 1.21.10
    Anonymous said:

    We have a Save a Lot nearby but I haven’t been there more than once. Sounds like I need to check it out again. I would stock up on chicken breasts!

  7. 1.21.10
    Lisa B. said:

    A store just opened up close to me in the last year but I havnt been to it yet. I would have to buy potatoes and chicken.

  8. 1.21.10
    Sarah said:

    We love SAL here. I use it as the base-line for our budget, and then just cherry pick the sales at other stores when they offer things more cheaply.

    My favorite is the $.33/lb bananas! I get them every week πŸ™‚

    DH and I have a budget of $100/month, so $15 would almost feed us for a week. It would be awesome!

  9. 1.21.10
    Rae said:

    I didn’t even know we had thema around here. It’s not close enough that I’d switch to them for regular trips but I will probably stop by a few times per year after seeing this and looking up the flyer. I saw bags of salad 2/$1 and bananas at a good price along with other pretty good deals.


  10. 1.21.10
    Alex M said:

    My goal would be an exploratory expedition. I avoid the Save-A-Lot and Aldi because I am skeptical that they’d have the kind of uber-healthy high fiber, fructose-free ingredients we live off of. I’d love to have an incentive to go in there and see if they can prove me wrong — I’d blog about it!

  11. 1.21.10
    Heather said:

    I’d love this! I could get so much fresh produce…our Sav A Lot has really good quality produce here! Thanks for the opportunity!

  12. 1.21.10
    Debby said:

    I would be blessed to get the gift card! Yeah I live in Parma, Ohio and we have a couple of great save-a-lots. I would buy potaoes, bananas and cukes. And still have enough left for pizzas,french fries,sausage,hotdogs,buns and bread.

  13. 1.21.10
    cvsaddict said:

    Your post made me realize I have a save a lot not too far from me and one right by ortho for the kids! I could buy some extra meat for the freezer with $15.
    And thanks for the nod to Ohio and the friendly people πŸ™‚

  14. 1.21.10
    Kathleen said:

    We have two Sav a Lots in our small town and I have not been to either one of them. This would be a good chance. I would buy fruits and veggies because we are having an 8 week challenge at work and one of them is to eat 5 fruits and veggies every day for one week. I could sure use this!!

  15. 1.22.10
    Precious said:

    I have a Sav-A-Lot close to me and have been there recently. I would be spending that $15.00 Giftcard on their cheap fruits and veggies, many of which could be cut and frozen for future use! They have the cheapest price on bananas that I have ever seen. Those frozen chunks would go in my smoothies. Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. 1.22.10
    Mrs G said:

    I would get meat and produce. Glad to hear you had a good time in Ohio! πŸ™‚

  17. 1.22.10
    Anonymous said:

    Here in (southern) VA there is a Save A Lot right around the corner. I would be able to buy milk, cereal, fruit, pasta, bread, and some snacks for the kiddies! Would love to win :o)

    butterflykmc1 at yahoo dot com

  18. 1.22.10
    Anonymous said:

    I would use the 15 dollars to try this new dish I have been wanting to make for ages but cant really afford since is not part of my regular grocery budget.

    On another note I am mainly a lurker on your site but I enjoy reading daily. =)

    Rona (

  19. 1.23.10
    Anonymous said:

    I love to stock up on fresh produce, milk and coffee creamer at my sav-a-lot. The blow everyone else out of the water on prices (4lbs of bananas for $1 WOW) and they take coupons. I recently found large bags of Ghardelli Peppermint Mocha Coffee for $1 each and stocked up!

    Pleae throw my name into the hat!

    sarynp at yahoo dot com

  20. 1.24.10
    hfengland said:

    $15 can go a long way depending on what the store has on sale and how they match up with your coupon stash!!

  21. 1.24.10

    I can save half of my weekly budget if I won the giftcard for Save-a-lot. I could purchase crackers, cheese, juice, bananas and pretty much snacks for my lil man. Jenprincess88 at aol dot com

  22. 1.25.10
    SH said:

    I would buys some extra meat
    bargainfun1 at yahoo

  23. 1.25.10
    Christine said:

    I would be spending that $15.00 Giftcard on meat and produce.
    raceracegirl at yahoo dot com

  24. 1.25.10

    Milk, toilet paper, and produce!

  25. 1.25.10
    Cecilia said:

    I would use the $15 dollars for paper towels, meat, produce and some junk food too.

  26. 1.25.10

    I’m in a love-hate relationship with our local Save-a-lot. I love the prices and the customer service is wonderful. The lighting there is not migraine inducing nor does it throw my sensitive son for a loop. What do I hate? It’s not within walking distance if I run out of something at the last minute! Maybe I should move? πŸ˜‰

    What would I buy with $15 dollars? Vegetables and fruit! I pay lots less for the vegetables and fruit at SAL than I would at the store that is just down the road from me.

    And after re-reading what I just posted- I’m seriously considering talking to my hubby about moving closer to SAL so as to save money on groceries as well as gas!

  27. 1.25.10
    Holly said:

    i love sal! i would use the giftcard to get milk, and pantry stock up items, like canned goods and dry beans, etc. thanks for the chance!

  28. 1.25.10
    Amber L. said:

    I would def. use the $15 to go towards my sister and her husband for a weeks worth of food. Since getting back from the hospital she isn’t able to shop for herself and living in the city food prices are insane. I would go to the SAL that is 45 minutes away and purchase fresh fruits and veggies and then drive them to her. She is very important to me! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the offer to win!
    redphoenix00 at cs dot com

  29. 1.25.10
    Marie said:

    I would buy produce and some meat. And still have enough left for pizza, hot dog and bread.
    pattyparrini at yahoo dot com

  30. 1.25.10
    Jen said:

    Hmmm…there aren’t any Save-A-Lot stores near me, but my parents have one in their town. I have been meaning to make a trip north (NW Indiana) to see them anyway. Would love to stock up on fresh produce. My 20 month-old DD loves bananas, pineapple, red peppers, carrots, peaches, grapes, etc.

  31. 1.25.10
    Anonymous said:

    I actually have two Save-A-Lot stores near me that I shop at regularly. I haven’t been big into couponing until recently, so I have been very excited to see my totals go down.
    We just got a big freezer that is really pretty empty. If I had an extra $15.00 to spend in there, I would LOVE to use it to help fill up the freezer (using coupons on top of that, of course!)
    emilys_stuff at hotmail dot com

  32. 1.26.10
    Diane said:

    I would probably get powdered milk, meat, canned veges. I would try to stretch the money as far as I could. Diane

  33. 1.26.10
    Laurie said:

    I would use it to get things I seldom find on sale or have a coupon for…milk, veggies and cat litter!

    lauriemac982 at aol dot com

  34. 1.26.10
    Heather said:

    we are tight on money this week so i would use on groceries to tide us over till next weeks usual grocery day

  35. 1.26.10
    Erica said:

    For $15 at Save-a-Lot (I have one in walking distance so I go there all the time!) I could definitely get a weeks worth of groceries out of it! I cook a lot of stuff from scratch, so I’d get fresh veggies, frozen veggies, pasta, Silk soymilk, rice and beans. And then if I had some left over, I’d probably splurge a bit and get me some Diet Coke.

  36. 1.26.10
    AmyE said:

    We actually have a Sav-A-Lot in our town, but I haven’t been in a while. $15 at my regular store buys 4 days worth of dog food for my huge beasts!!

  37. 1.27.10
    Flora said:

    What would I buy with $15 dollars? Vegetables, fruit, meat!
    Florad12 at yahoo dot com

  38. 1.27.10
    Anonymous said:

    I would buy: soy milk, cereal, peanut butter, cheddar cheese, carrots, dried beans, a few cans of tomatoes, and a whole chicken.

  39. 1.27.10
    sabrams78 said:

    I would get some ham and cheese from deli, bread, milk, eggs and if I had enough maybe some cereal. That would do breakfast and lunches for hubby & I for the week – esp combined with what’s already in our pantry. Thanks for the great give away.

  40. 1.27.10
    Whitney said:

    $15 would go far when spend on canned vegetables.

  41. 1.27.10
    Marinemom said:

    Oh, Oh, oh!!! I have a new SAL opening down the street next week….I can’t wait to shop I am thinking, butter, and oil there are some coupons on there web site
    and I just read about free Solo cups. With or without the gift card I will be there for the grand opening!

  42. 1.28.10
    Anna said:

    I would probably spend all 15 to get their tortilla chips…they’re amazing. πŸ™‚

  43. 1.28.10
    Kasey said:

    I LOVE SaveALot I have been going since my 4 year old was born. I would probably get some stuff from the Dollar Section and grab some things I might not always get on my usual trips.

  44. 1.27.10
    Laura said:

    We have a Sav-A-Lot near us and we shop at it sometimes. I would get diapers and maybe some produce!