Become a Frugal Jedi- Part II(UPDATED!)

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Sorry all! The draft of the second part of “…Frugal Jedi” posted instead of the actual post!  Here is the full post for you. If you haven’t read the first post, check it out here. Hope you enjoy the EXPLANATIONS of the suggestions lol.

Show them the sites
This one is pretty easy.  Once you got them interested in really saving, start to bring up the websites that you use to help you the most.  These should include Coupon Mom, Hot Coupon World(give them a direct link to their store’s thread) and other sites that you visit at least 3 to 4 times a week.  I think that Coupon Mom is the best site to start off with, since she makes a detailed page for each store and tell you directly what you would be saving by using coupons and what you would save by just buying the item on sale. She also shows you items that would be perfect for stockpiling that week. Oh yeah, and it’s all for FREE. They can’t argue with that price!

While you are on the phone with them, maybe mention that you aren’t “doing much” but surfing the web and getting your grocery list together. Say that there is a site that does it for you, so you are just getting the list to print off. If that peaks their interest, offer to send them the link through e-mail for their store.  If possible, have them check out the site while you are on the phone with them, so you can tackle any questions from them right away, without them exploring by themselves, getting frustrated and never visiting the site again. If there is a certain product that will be free after coupon, make sure to point that out as a way to entice. “Hey, look! Ritz crackers will be free after printable coupon at the store this week! Doesn’t Harry eat Ritz and peanut butter as a snack every week?”

Throw a stockpile party
How fun would it be to throw a cute little get-together, with all the fixins, by using whatever is in your stockpile? Well, it’s a blast and very cheap, and yes, everytime I have a get-together now, I use whatever is right in my stockpile at the moment. By doing this, you of course significantly reduce the amount you spend on entertaining, but you can do a bit more boasting(see suggestion number 2 from the first post). This will create opportunities for you to talk even more about savvy and frugal shopping without you creating them. You are bound to have your friends, even the one you are “working on,” call you up and ask if they can bring anything. This is a perfect time to reinforce how great having a stockpile is. “Thanks, Cindy, but I have everything I need in my stockpile. I even looked today and I probably won’t have to buy a thing from the store. If you want, you can bring a small amount of such-and-such but for the most part, we will be fine.” That will blow their mind!

Once everyone is there and sees the abundance you were able to create off of a small stockpile, let it be known that you paid pennies for the items, and make it known in front of spouses and significant others. It’s obvious what that will accomplish: on the way home, there will be a discussion. Hopefully, you can get the others in the family thinking about all the great items you had and encourage your friend or family member to learn a few things from you.

Invite them to lunch..and stop by the store “real quick”
If your friend or family member lives nearby, think of a day when you can invite them to lunch. Make sure to reserve a few of your deals for that week. On the day of the lunch, offer to pick them up from work or home, then inform them that you need to stop by the grocery store that is near the restaurant or deli. Get them to come in with you(“We’re hanging out together today! Come in with me so we can chat while I grab my items”), and grab your things. The best items to get that week would be items that will either be free or under 50 cents after your coupons or using your club card.  And keep it around 10 items, so you two can go through the express lane. This will show them that not only does it take no time to save lots of money at the store, but you can do it during your lunch hour if need be.  You can even take it to the next step: if you have those certain items stockpiled enough in your house, once you drop them off after lunch, let them have the items. Tell them that you thought about it at lunch and have more than enough of those things at home, and you would love for them to have them. Jackpot! Everything will come full circle after that: they will see how the time aspect is short, how much money can be saved by just have a plan, how you can still have fun with your family and friends while being frugal, and how easy it is to let a few items go to a friend once you know that your family’s needs are taken care of at home.

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  1. 2.4.10
    Mrs G said:

    Very nicely put. I struggle with helping friends/family sometimes. I’m definitely going to use some of these tips 🙂

  2. 2.4.10
    kc said:

    Great ideas!!

  3. 2.5.10
    Alex M said:

    I am slowly getting hubby to realize the power of the stock-pile. I was feeling a bit guilty when he invited friends to dinner and then wanted to go out and get the ingredients for beef stew (which included two bottles of Cabernet). A $25 dollar stew!

    Instead, I suggested we use a bag of shrimp in the freezer and left-over chicken breast for jambalaya. It helped that the meal turned out to be great…

    That’s the challenge, to make sure your stockpile meal is going to taste really good, not make your audience wish for a “real meal.” It’s a good thing you’re a good cook sweetie!

  4. 2.5.10

    Dhunny thank you for the ideas!!! I have been trying and trying to get some of my friends and family to shop sales and combine them with coupons, but I’m having no luck. Only 1 friend was interested in seeing what we do and how, I keep letting them know how much I saved and how much I got for free. My DFIL was at our house and DH was showing him my stock pile!!!! I think he’s happy that i’m learning to shop sales and couponing. Our grocery bell used to be between $130-180 a week!!! now is under $100 and that’s only if i’m stock piling on a certain thing. Great ideas!!!