Meal Plan Monday!

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I got so distracted about Super Bowl that I forgot to post my meal plan yesterday. Oops! Well, since I have my running list of complete meals, it was easy to sit down and just put up whatever meals I feel like having this week. Also, Valentine’s day is this weekend, so I have to leave Saturday open when it comes to food; I have a funny feeling that Hubby will plan something for that day(we don’t go out on Valentine’s night….too much money!).

Monday: Lazy Mom’s tator soup
Tuesday: Teriyaki steak with rice and braised carrots
Wednesday: Italian Chicken and pasta
Thursday: Steak fried rice
Friday: Pizza night
Saturday: Leaving open for Hubby to “surprise” me with dinner
Sunday: Happy Valentine’s Day! Chicken tenders with rice pilaf and green peas

Dessert of the Week: Lemon Chess pie

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  1. 2.8.10
    Precious said:

    YUM! I can’t wait until we move so I can have a grilled steak!

  2. 2.9.10
    Amiyrah said:

    We can’t grill either, Precious. We’re in an apartment just like you. I get the grill marks with our griddle and then finish it off in the broiler. Maybe one day we will actually get to really grill :o(

  3. 2.9.10
    Kara said:

    I always make a “red” meal for valentine’s day. Something like Lasgna, or pasta then a dessert that is red or heart shaped, etc. The boys love it. I’m thinking Sunday I might make calazones instead of lasgna…something different.

  4. 2.11.10
    JennysMom said:

    *Chuckle* Can I come over for Thursday’s dinner? Whaaat? There’s 3,000 miles between us? OK then, I’m off to make a pot of (organic) brown rice. Yep, I see your (famous) fried rice in my future… Yum-O-yum!