Frugal Forecast- upcoming spring/summer occasions

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With the Easter holiday coming and going, I figured this would be a good time to remind everyone, including  myself, of the upcoming occasions we can start preparing for now.

Since after-Easter sales will be abundant this week and next week, we can get a jump on some of the gifts we may have to give in the coming months. The pastel colors of everything from candy to baskets can help us create a frugal yet beautiful gift for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  I do like to collect as many pastel items as I can for those holidays and build other gifts around those.  These “Mom and Dad packs” seem to go over well every year with all of the people we have to purchase for in May and June. I even make up one for my Aunt’s birthday, since it is always a week or two before Mother’s Day.

Also, keep in mind that wedding and baby showers will be sneaking upon us as well. With the official coming of spring, you will start to see more summer items in the stores, and all the spring items being put on sale or clearance. These are perfect for shower gifts.  Yellow pastel items are perfect fillers for a shower gift.  Add in a pack of size 1 or 2 diapers(which also have been on sale and clearance all over) and a few packs of onesies, and you have a gift that a new Mom would love.  The same goes for Wedding shower gifts. Keep an eye on household deals on sites like They constantly have Tupperware containers on special pricing, along with full stove top sets.  These are great to give for a shower gift. I’ve also seen some great prices on cookbooks, magazine subscriptions, and even bedding. You may even get lucky and find something that is listed on the registry! If you use swagbucks, you can use your bucks to attain amazon gift cards, making your out of pocket price even lower.

Also, graduations will be upon us as well. I tend to save up my points from mypoints, and cash in on gift cards that upcoming college students, or college graduates can use(Old Navy for new clothes, Target or Walmart for dorm items, etc).  Or, for college students that are family members, I do what was done for me: I buy a cheap but sturdy hamper, fill it with must have college items like ramen, laudry detergent, band aids, rubbing alcohol, dry erase board, cups, plates, etc.  I still to this day have that hamper that my Mom’s best friend filled up with me and have repeated this gift 3 times with wonderful reactions. You can also add in a roll of quarters to really bring the gift full circle.

I’m always hesitant to stock up on holiday items each year, but I always get over the fear and stock up anyway. Throughout the year, I do end up using all of the goodies I find to make great gifts for friends and family, without breaking our budget.  I’m never disappointed.

Looking for sites to help you find deals for upcoming occasions? Check these out:

Thrifty On the Dollar
Baby Cheapskate
Money Saving Mom

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  1. 4.7.10

    Great way to remind everyone how useful holiday items boughton the cheawp now can be when you really need something to round out a gift basket!

  2. 4.8.10
    Precious said:

    Very nice post! Thanks for the ideas!