Meal Plan Monday!

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It’s time for another week of meal planning! I have drill yet again(I feel like I just had it!) so the boys will be on their own for the weekend.  The kiddo has a cold and I just getting over having the flu this past weekend (ugh) so I think my Mom’s Chicken and Noodles are in order to get us back to center.  I’ve also been craving deviled eggs, so I’m going to make those along with slow cooker BBQ baked beans and cornbread. Sounds like a yummy summer meal!

Monday: Slow cooker meatloaf with box car potatoes and green beans
Tuesday: Mom’s Chicken and Noodles
Wednesday: Slow cooker baked beans with deviled eggs and homemade cornbread
Thursday: Baked macaroni and cheese with tomato soup
Friday: Homemade Pizza night!

Dessert of the Week: Grandma’s sour cream pound cake

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