ShopRite Deals 4/11-4/17

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A big welcome to all of my fellow party people from 5 minutes for Mom! If you are a ShopRite shopper, please feel free to bookmark my page(or add me to your twitter and facebook!) to find your match ups for each week’s circulars. Here are a few things about ShopRite and my match ups:

ShopRite is a coupon doubling store. Some stores will fully doubled(a .75/1 coupon will double to 1.50) and some will only double up to .99 or 1.00( a .75/1 coupon will double to 1.00). I base my match ups on fully doubling stores.
If you aren’t sure if your ShopRite fully doubles or not, give their customer service a call. You can find the number on

ShopRite also participates in the cellfire program which will add e-coupons to your price plus card(the store’s loyalty card for their shoppers). Every once in a while, I will match up some deals with some cellfire coupons. Please feel free to sign up for the program so you can easily add the coupons to your card when a great deal pops up.

Wishbone salad dressing 8oz- .99
use .75/1 coupon from 3/28RP doubled- FREE

Betty Crocker cake mix- 1.00
Betty Crocker frosting- 1.00
use .75/2(one cake mix and one frosting) from 3/28SS doubled-  .25 each!

Hershey’s chocolate milk- 1.00
use .35/1 printable coupon (for FF or IE) doubled- .30 each

Sunny D drink- .99
use .25/1 coupon from 2/7SS doubled- .49

Herr’s pretzels- 1.49
use 1.00/1 coupon from 1/10RP- .49

NEW! Welch’s refrigerated juice- 2.00
use .75/1 coupon from 3/14SS doubled- .50

Ziploc EZ zipper bags- 1.69
use .55/1 coupon from 2/21 or 3/21SS doubled- .59
Buy 3 and get a 2.00 catalina back! A .23 money maker!
Send in for the SC Johnson rebate, and get back another 5.00, making it a 5.23 money maker

Minute rice ready to serve- 1.67
use .50/1 coupon from 1/24SS or 2/7RP doubled(exp 4/16!)- .67

Eggland’s best eggs- 1.69
use .50/1 coupon from 1/31SS doubled- .69
use .50/1 coupon from Redbook, Better Homes and Gardens or Parents magazines doubled- .69

Herr’s tortilla chips 1.89
use 1.00/1 from 2/21RP- .89

Tropicana OJ or Trop50 -1.99
use BOGO coupon from Tropicana rewards(was available 4/7 only)- .99 each
use 1.00/1 coupon for Trop50 from 3/14RP- .99

Band Aids- 1.99
use .50/1 coupon from 3/14RP doubled- .99

McCain frozen potato products- 2.00
use .50/1 coupon from 2/28SS doubled-1.00

Hebrew National Beef Franks- 2.49
use .75/1 coupon from 3/7SS doubled- 1.00

Vaseline sheer infusion lotion- 4.75
use 3.75/1 coupon from 4/11RP- 1.00

Pepperidge Farm chunk cookies- 2.27
use .60/1 coupon from 2/21SS doubled- 1.07
use 1.00/1 printable coupon- 1.27

Kraft philly cream cheese- 1.69
use .55/2 printable bricks coupon doubled- 1.14

Kelloggs cereal- 3 for 5.00
use 1.50/2 coupon for rice krispies from 3/28RP-1.16 each

Hefty OneZip bags- 1.88
use 1.00/2 coupon from 1/31RP- 1.38 each

Fab or Dynamo laundry detergent- 1.99
use 1.00/2 coupon from 2/21SS- 1.49 each

Whole fruit sorbet- 2.50
use .50/1 coupon from 3/28RP doubled- 1.50

Alouette crumbled feta- 2.99
use .50/1 coupon 3/21SS doubled- 1.99

Whiskas dry cat food- 3.99
use 1.00/1 coupon from 3/28RP- 2.99

Buy 6 qualifying pillsbury products, get 4.00 back
Pillsbury Grands – .99
use .30/2 coupon from 3/28SS doubled- .69 each

Deal Idea:
buy 6 biscuit tubes- 5.94
use 3 .30/2 coupons doubled- 1.80 off
pay 4.14 and get back a 4.00 catalina!

Buy 25.00 worth of Kimberly Clark Items, get 5.00 back
Buy 35.00 worth of Kimberly Clark Items, get 7.00 back
Buy 10.00 worth of Kimberly Clark Items, get 10.00 back

Huggies Jumbo pack diapers- 8.99

Deal Idea:
buy 4 packs of huggies-35.96
use 4 3.00/1 printable coupons ( I heard these reset here and here)- 12.00 off
pay 23.96 and get back 5.00. So, 4.24 a pack after catalina and you get 35.96 added towards your baby bucks points!

4 Day Price Break- Wednesday to Saturday
Banquet frozen meals- .88
use 1.00/4 coupon from 3/14SS- .63 each

Other Deals:
Chicken drumsticks or thighs- .88/lb
Strawberries -1.49(limit 2)
ShopRite split top bread- 1.50

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