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Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day all in the same week? How awesome is that?! Well, since during this pregnancy I’ve been craving Mexican food almost every day, I am pretty ecstatic.  I see tacos in my future for sunday, but I’ll let Hubby “surprise” me with dinner that day.

Monday: Fettucine alfredo with spinach
Tuesday: Chicken Adobo with rice and green beans
Wednesday: Steak tacos and all the fixings, with spanish beans and rice
Thursday:  Veggie Lo Mein
Friday: Homemade pizza!
Saturday: Leftovers night
Sunday: Mom’s Day! I’m off the clock!

Dessert of the week: I was tempted to make Strawberry surprise cake again, but we’ll have sopapilla cheesecake in honor of Cinco de Mayo!

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  1. 5.3.10
    Petula said:

    Hi, I just came by to say hello ’cause I saw you over at Valerie’s place (Frugal Family Fun Blog). I noticed your name and was wondering how you pronounce it. My middle daughter’s name is Amareah (a ma re ah).

  2. 5.3.10
    Amiyrah said:

    Hi Petula!

    It’s supposed to be pronounced Ah-mee-rah, but for some reason, the human population has trouble saying that(other than my husband and parents) lol. Usually, it’s associated with the name Amirah, which is pronounced like “a mirror” with no R at the end.

    Whoa, that was a long explanation lol