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Happy Memorial Day! This is one of my favorite holidays since joining the military. Those of you that are in the military or have loved one serving, can understand why I have such a respect for those we remember today. Plus, I found out that all of the members of my base that went overseas this winter came back last week, safe and sound! God’s blessing indeed!

Monday: Memorial Day! Spending the afternoon at my parents’ house eating up a storm and playing in the yard with the kiddo
Tuesday: Hot dogs, lamb sliders and bbq chicken with side salad(all leftover from Monday)
Wednesday: Faux crab cakes with yellow rice and sweet peas(we didn’t get to have this last week)
Thursday: Chicken enchilada bake with side salad
Friday: pizza night!
Saturday: Off to a free concert in the park and a picnic dinner with the parents :o)
Sunday: Leftovers night

Dessert of the week: macerated strawberries and cut watermelon

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