Christmas in July- A review

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Well, it’s that time again! This is when we frugal folks can get our bums moving and start looking for the best deals to stockpile for the holidays.  Luckily for us, some companies see the importance of having uber-deals this month that we can take advantage of. How great!

I have a wonderful post about how we can take advantage of Christmas in July this year, but just to recap, here is a link to last year’s round up of Christmas in July: C in J series.

Also, there is going to be a BIG giveaway on Friday to help one of you lucky readers get a head start on buying your gifts, so get ready for that.

I hope those of you that didn’t get to enjoy the series last year, enjoy it this year, and stay tuned for the follow-up!

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  1. 7.13.10
    Alex M said:

    OMG! I picked up a Christmas cache for my BFFs daughter today — gold sparkle flip flops at Michaels. $1.50 a pair. A matching foam sparkle tiara for .50 cents.

    This young lady likes anything that sparkles and is worth the 2 bucks I spent!

    You can find sparkly stuff in the summer which works great for the Christmas season.

  2. 7.13.10
    Frances said:

    The only things I need to purchase will be some toys and books for grandbabies. I have started looking for deals.

    Everyone else gets goodies from my kitchen and I stock up on supplies around Thanksgiving for the baking.

  3. 7.13.10
    Amiyrah said:

    Love it, Alex! I never thought about that and we have a few girls to buy for this year. Thanks for that tip!

    Frances, I wish we had it that easy lol. All of my “work” friends get goodies, but family gets gifts, so we have to start as early as possible.

  4. 7.14.10
    Shelly said:

    Vince and I have already started buying gifts. We already have 4 gifts for him mom!