Coin Raffle – Party Game for Any Occasion!

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When we had Alannah’s baby shower, I came up with a great raffle idea and party game to help fill up the cute piggy banks we got from friends. 

I called it the “penny raffle.” The premise was to get guests as soon as they come through the door, and tell them to empty their pockets of loose change. We told them it was a starter to her college fund.

Coin Raffle Party Game

Each penny would get them one raffle ticket. The prizes we gave away were a big movie basket and spa basket I put together with some stockpiled items from my grocery shopping trips. They’re were all items I had on hand, so I could fill the baskets up sky high and entice more people to enter.

Taking It To The Next Level

But my Mom did me one better: she told me to change the title to “coin raffle” and give one raffle ticket per COIN. So, if they gave a penny or a quarter, they would still get one ticket.

Surprisingly, everyone tried to use up as much of their change, especially quarters, on the raffle.  The line was so long, my sister couldn’t handle passing out the tickets on her own after a few minutes.  My mom and I had to step in and help her out. It was fun and we filled up one piggy bank and halfway filled another.

Coin Raffle Party Game Ideas

This would be a great idea for anyone planning parties in the future. It’s ideal for a kid’s birthday party, but there are plenty other occasions where this party game would be a hit.

  • Anniversary (call it the Date Night Coin Raffle and raise money for the couple’s date nights)
  • Bridal Shower
  • Housewarming (a piggy bank for their house emergency fund)

I just thought I’d share that with you all, in case you’re in the middle of planning a party and need more party game ideas. I hope it helps you!

Need a fun party game to play during a baby shower, birthday party or bridal shower? You have to try this coin raffle game!

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  1. 9.30.10
    Joy said:

    baby shower also would be great also can be the college fund or diaper fund:)

  2. 9.30.10
    Frances said:

    What a cute idea!

  3. 9.30.10

    I love this idea! I really do! I’m gonna forward to my mom and sister for my baby shower..well for when I get pregnant…hahahaha.

  4. 9.30.10
    Amiyrah said:

    yup, Joy…that’s exactly what we did it for. To use towards her college fund. Did I forget to say that in the post?

    Thanks Frances!

    Spaghetti, I can’t wait until you’re all “preggo-ed up” lol! I’m imagining the gifts I wanna get you already :o)

  5. 10.2.10
    slugmama said:

    This is a really good idea!
    And for all kinds of party or fundraising events.
    I’ll be filing this away to use at some point…thanks!

  6. 10.3.10
    Anonymous said:

    Great idea! And I can’t remember if I ever congratulated you (been going through some stuff)… think I did but if not CONGRATS! I’m so very happy for you 🙂


  7. 10.3.10
    Anonymous said:

    Great idea and thanks for all your wonderful tips. P

  8. 10.6.10

    We’ve done something similar at baby showers. We ask people to empty their change into the piggy bank, then we have people guess how much is in the bank, telling them, “the winner takes all”. Then when we count the money up, the winner gets a bottle of All detergent and the mom/baby get the piggy bank.

  9. 10.7.10
    Shelly said:

    I love all the possiblities for it! Great idea!

  10. 10.8.10
    Anonymous said:

    I absolutely loved this idea and suggested it to my mother in law for my sister in law’s baby shower. At first she liked it but then told me she didn’t want people to think that we were begging for money (since they were bringing gifts already)…and shot it down. Seriously would anyone really think that???

  11. 10.9.10
    Amiyrah said:

    hahahaha anon, no way! That’s exactly why we called it a coin raffle. It’s not like you’re asking for dollars and people are always looking for a way to get rid of their change. Everyone loved that we were using it to start a college fund for the baby, so maybe bring that up to your mom?