I hate car maintenance…

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OK, hate may be a harsh word, but I’m not too fond of it. It’s one of those necessities that I see as a pain in my side.

Let me explain. We only have one vehicle, so we must keep up with the maintenance of it. It’s also a used vehicle, increasing its importance even more.  Since I’m the one who stays home, the responsibility falls on me most of the time, unless it’s a big job that requires Hubby to take a deeper look and find outside help who can qualify to fix it.

It’s a pain in my side because every month there seems to be something. Since we use the car so much, there’s always an expense towards it. As every frugal person should do, we run our used car to the ground.

Constant oil changes, new brakes, and tires are needed all the time. We even have to replace the battery this fiscal year. I do tend to think, “Why not just get a brand-new car and not have to deal with this crap?”

If there is going to be something we must fix, update, or replace every month, then why not put that money into a car payment? But then I remember, brand-new cars become “used” ones as soon as you pull off the lot.

New cars will eventually need new brakes, tires, and oil changes. if I want that “new car smell” I can buy it at the auto parts store for 2 bucks. So, I re-group, realize that you have to make do with what you have, and move on. I still hate car maintenance, though.

Now that I’ve said all that, I’m off to get yet ANOTHER oil change.

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  1. 9.14.10

    My best friend is our auto mechanic, and I know the feeling of car maintainence…we have THREE cars! It can be a chore, I know!

    If you ever need anything, he’s right in Fords (right by Edison, inside Woodbridge), he’s great and doesn’t overcharge and is completely honest…that’s why he’s our best friend 🙂

  2. 9.14.10
    Precious said:

    DH did our oil changes for years.It’s easy. I have done it.

  3. 9.14.10
    Jenny said:

    I don’t mind general maintenance like oil but once it starts falling apart – get rid of it! I put over 1500 into repairs in less than 3 weeks – hydrolics master cylinder for brakes (there was no pressure as cylinder was craked and brake fluid kept leaking out) and of course actual brakes/roters, fuel pump and line, something “bearing” (sp?) that was making horendous noise that had to be replaced and timing belt. Then after that huge bill mechanic said that my transmission “doesn’t sound good” and be on a look out for it going sour soon. That’s when I decided to drop the car. I’ve had it. It’s gone. Now I’m looking for a “new” used car (never brand new of course).

  4. 9.15.10
    annathy03 said:

    Oh, don’t you just hate that? The money on maintenance just stinks, but it’s probably worth it. Like Jenny pointed out, there comes a point where every car needs to be laid to rest… trouble is when the non-frugal part of our brains attempts to move up that date!

  5. 9.20.10
    kara (cvsaddict) said:

    I am right there with you! I know the payments would suck, but boy do I hate writing out check after check for maintenance. Hubby used to do almost everything, but his work has become so busy, we’ve had to out source oil changes (25 bucks a pop), tranny overhaul in the big van ($2500!), and tranny checkup in my car ($130). But look at the big picture and hopefully it won’t be so bad. Plus I love both our vehicles, so I do really want to keep them around 🙂