Meal Plan Monday!

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This week we are doing our “rubber chicken” routine this week, so lots and lots of chicken dishes! We are also getting over a cold that Sonny Boy bought home from school, so soup needs to be on the menu too.

Monday: Roasted Chicken with roasted potatoes and carrots
Tuesday: Chicken, potato and carrot soup
Wednesday: Hamburg steak with peas and brown rice
Thursday: Chicken spaghetti with garlic bread
Friday: Pizza night!
Saturday: Grilled Cheese sandwiches with tomato soup
Sunday: All day trip to Six Flags! Junk food for everybody lol!

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  1. 10.1.10
    Aleda said:

    I’m searching everywhere today for menu help and came to you first! My DH found out this week that he has high blood pressure so I will have to rework our budget to include “better” food. Do you consider something like ths when you plan your menues and recipes? You’ve been such a help to me in the past (Grandmaleda) so here I am again.
    Congratulations on your beautiful daughter and (of course) Sonny Boy.
    Thanks for any help you can give me.