A brief kiddo conversation….

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This scene took place yesterday, in the car, after Sonny was picked up from school…

Sonny: Hi baby doll! Hi. Hi! Hi.
(side note….I call her baby doll, so he calls her baby doll. Go figure.)

Duchess: gurgle, gurgle. Ahhhhhh!

Sonny: Oh Hi. (in a monotone voice) Hi baby. Hi.

Duchess: Waaaaah! Gasping cry. Waaaaah!

Sonny: What’s wrong? Do you need a snack? Mom, can I have a snack?

Me: Yes, but what’s wrong with your sister?

Sonny: Um, she needs a cookie. And a yellow apple. Can I have snack now?

As you can see, he’s really looking out for number 1 around here. Man, I love that kid.

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