The life of a Yes Man….

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….Or woman for that matter.

I’ve found that since we’ve started our frugal journey, I’ve become somewhat of a “yes man.” I used to shy away from anything that wasn’t familiar and was extremely nervous when thrown into new situations.  The words “new” and “different” were so scary to me. Hell, my favorite meal of all time was a simple dish of rice and gravy, because I knew exactly what was in it, it was easy to make, and I knew there was no way it could upset my stomach. Safe, simple, easy. That was my repertoire.

But, once we had to change or diminish, I found out that new and different weren’t so horrible. In order to stay frugal, we had to try new things and develop new ways of living. It was a must in order to stay afloat and create a better life for our growing family.  Clipping coupons, making gifts, creating our favorite meals from scratch were all foreign to me but were necessary.  Once I started intertwining them into our lives though, it became commonplace and sort of fun to do.

Because I opened up to frugality, I found myself opening up to other parts of life. I made friends with people that would have been outside of my usual circles; I agreed to odd jobs that I’d never would have been comfortable doing. I even started hosting get-togethers with family and friends in my own small home. Something I would have NEVER done 6 years ago. It’s because of this that I feel richer than I ever did. My husband is well taken care of, so much so that my in-laws thank me every visit for how well he looks and how happy he is. My children are provided for and want for nothing, something that was lacking when Sonny boy was my only 3 month old baby. Although we had 2 full time jobs(and lots of overtime) to put towards our home, it always felt like we were struggling. Buying diapers and baby food hurt our pockets every time when it shouldn’t have. Even with one less salary and one extra child in the midst, we don’t have that problem now. Being open-minded enough to change our situation has made us wealthier than we ever thought we could be. Now, I don’t mean money-wise; we are still working and building our savings but just to say that we are doing these things is something that me of 6 years ago could have never said. Close-minded and blind. Full of no.

Thank goodness we’re now in a house of Yes.

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  1. 10.29.10
    Alex M said:

    You got it babe! We are definitely seeing the same thing. While it would seem we don’t have enough money these days, we actually have more. That’s because we aren’t spending without watching.

    I get the feeling your saving for your retirement and wanted to encourage that for sure. While we always feel money is tight at our house, when we get our financial statements for the 401(k) and stock plans we have, well that’s where we really see the frugality pay off.

    Because we save on daily expenses, we don’t “feel” the money that’s automatically going to our future.

    You are saving and not incurring debt — double gold stars for you, plus you’re living a better life physically and emotionally. Four stars in my book!

  2. 10.29.10
    Anonymous said:

    One has to be open to all kinds of experiences, in marriage, with children, life..If one limits oneself to one kind of a life, you definitely miss out on a lot..Married almost 37 years it always about the ebbs and flows and ordinary days that make a strong and loving life open and you will reap what some say the buddha and God says to live each day in the moment…..enjoy reading your column..sweet sweet sweet sweet..mjs&es and l daughter (grown) and 4 fussy cats….

  3. 10.31.10
    Lisa B. said:

    I agree with you and Beautifully written!

  4. 11.2.10
    Precious said:

    I am so happy when I see a smart person who learned so very young! Keep up the great work of saying yes!