Meal Plan Monday!

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We are still working on some turkey but I don’t want to go overboard with it this week. We’ll only have 1 meal that features it. Also, the cold is sticking, so we’ll be having a soup this week along with a ground beef meal. I have to keep hubby well fed for dinner in the winter because this is the time of year he wakes up at night and searches around for snacks if dinner wasn’t substantial enough. Not great if he plans on keeping off the 50 pounds he lost this year.

Monday: Senate bean soup and beer bread
Tuesday: Salisbury steak with rice and carrots
Wednesday: Turkey alfredo with spinach
Thursday: lazy mom’s paella with shrimp
Friday: Calzones
Saturday: leftovers
Sunday: Birthday dinner for my Mom!

Dessert of the week: Christmas cookies!
homemade baby food of the week: apple puree and carrots

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