10 reasons this week needs to be over

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1. Last weekend was military weekend. Hence, not the 2 days of rest that I usually get every week. I’s mad tired, yo.

2. Sonny Boy had not 1, but 2 early dismissals this week. What this means for us is that instead of him being in school for his regular 2 and a half hours, he’s only there for an hour and some change, as if the 2 and a half hours wasn’t a waste already. So, I had to pack him and his sister up, drop him off at school, drive back home, pack the girl back in the car 1 hour later and go back and pick the Boy back up. I’s mad tired, yo.

3. Just to make life a little sweeter, somehow the electric/gas company screwed up our account and cut off our gas in our place. When did I find this out? When I was about to start dinner. And oh! They couldn’t get out to us until the next morning so we had no heat for a night. Yay! It was fun, kind of like camping.

4. For some reason, my kids are literally biting my ankles lately. All over me. Duchess has started to crawl, can sit up on her own and has this new obsession of giving us slobber kisses. This is all well and good but we have to pay attention to her doing all of them. ALL THE TIME. I’s mad tired, yo.

5. We’re going through a bunch of stuff with Sonny Boy lately. He’s growing up, which is fine, but he’s grabbing on to the “sass factor” with much gusto. This is fine with me, kids are kids, but Hubby has quite a sass factor himself. It’s been a fun household this week. Ever watch a cage match? They are a blast to referee.

6. Insomnia and I are becoming buddies again. He’s cool and all, but I can’t hang with him when I have to get my kids up at 6am to drive Hubby to the train station. Just doesn’t mesh well with our routine here. I put part of our Wednesday leftovers in the cabinet instead of the fridge. Fantastic. Hopefully, Insomnia won’t want to be more than friends. I can’t take another toxic relationship.

7. We had to go to a funeral this week. Which means I had to try to explain death to my 5 year old, while trying to not get too emotional. I totally did a horrible job. We’ll have to figure out another way to explain it to him.

8. A big military deployment is coming up this year. A big fight was had at my home about it. I’m hoping that once the week is over, it will die down. That will be yet another thing we’ll have to explain to Sonny Boy.

9. I miss being able to just read a book. Hell, a magazine. My books and mags are piling up and making me angry.

10. Our 6th wedding anniversary is Sunday. The faster we can get to that, the better. *singing* The sun will come out…on Sunday…bet your bottom dollar that on Sunday…they’ll be Sun…

Hope you all had a better week! :op

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  1. 2.18.11
    CJ said:

    Sounds like you have a lot going on (I know the feeling!). Hope things settle down for ya soon. Prayers are headed your way 🙂

  2. 2.18.11
    slugmama said:

    I’m with you!
    This week can’t end soon enough here either.
    MIL passed away, many relatives descending on us, little sleep, lots of things to do with little help, emotional rollercoaster-ing, oh it just doesn’t end. 8-P

    Hope you show Mr. Insomnia the door real soon…..

  3. 2.18.11

    You sound worn out my dear! I guess that’s what kids will do to you? ( i have none so can’t relate lol).

    I guess you’re going away overseas soon huh? That’s no fun 🙁

  4. 2.19.11
    Anonymous said:

    Oh That’s not so fun. Hope you have a great anniversary celebration and kick your Insomnia.

  5. 2.19.11
    Jenny said:

    you need some serious R&R in your schedule. Maybe someone from family can babysit kids for couple of days so you can go for a weekend trip to the shore?