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Since I dedicated a whole post to duchess, documenting her latest accomplishments, it’s about time I did the same for my boy. I don’t want him to feel jealous, ya know?

1. You’ve become addicted to homework. It’s not that you are a stickler for doing it but you are a stickler for doing it at a certain time. Right after we get home from school is your favorite choice and you are NOT a fan of doing it after dinner. I’m just glad you like to do homework, since I know that will change in s few years.

2. You continue to love your sister more than anyone would have ever expected. You even share your toys with her and put on little shows for her entertainment. Unfortunately, she’s starting to grow weary of you lol. You exhaust her a little bit. You’ll get it someday.

3. You’ve become a coupon divo. You know that coupons get us lots and lots of cereal, popcorn, soy milk and unlimited bananas(not really on the last one). So, of course whenever mom takes you to the store, you ask where the coupons are and if I paid yet. He’s also a stickler about paying for things at the store. Square.

4. You inherited your mother’s human stick figure dilemma, but you’ve also inherited your father’s issue of growing like a weed. This means it’s becoming harder to keep you in clothes that fit. Thank goodness for the stockpile of clothes we have for you, and the consignment shops in the area. Honey, I blew up the kid. Indeed.

5. You’re reading. By yourself. I cry almost every time you do it. There was a time when I thought you would never get to this point. To see you quiet in your chair, reading “Are you my Mother” makes my heart super happy.

6. My job title is something that constantly boggles your mind. It may be because every time you aak me what my job is, the answer changes. Sorry kid, mom has many different jobs. Yup, cooking is my job. Yes, getting you from school is my job. Yes, working on the bombs is my job. So when I say I’m busy, I’m not lying. I promise.

7. School house rock and powerpufg girls are your new favorite things to watch. This is how I know you are my child. I really needed someone to sing “conjunction junction” and “zero the hero with.

8. As you get closer to the ripe old age of 6, I realize I love you in a totally different way than when you were 6 months, or even 3 years old. While it is different, it’s definitely increased. It’s going to break my heart when you turn 18 and move away. Ow, achy heart! Calm down!

9. Sneakers are becoming a “thing” for you. Sorry, I gave you that vice. We’ll adjust the budget accordingly.

10. According to you, Dad and I are your best friends. Thump thump. There goes my heart again.

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  1. 4.12.11
    slugmama said:

    That was so sweet!
    He is at a magical age….
    My 2 oldest are 17 months apart and my oldest use to ‘wear out’ my younger one too when they were 3 and 1.5 years old.
    Oh and let me just state for the record that once your cherished son turns 18 you will SO be ready for him to leave home! The aliens that take over his body around 15 will make this so.lolol

  2. 4.12.11
    JennysMom said:

    Awww, I love this list! Especially #2! (Countless pictures of my two kids together–nearly every one has my son with his arm around his younger sister).

    *Chuckle* Now go hug the kid since I’m 3,000 miles away and can’t!

  3. 4.12.11
    Eeek said:

    Your son is gorgeous!!! Proper little stunner!!!


  4. 4.12.11
    Alex M said:

    Keep up the good work mom!

  5. 4.12.11
    bugsi033 said:

    What a wonderful post! Maybe you could do one each year on their birthday for each child. It would be a great way to highlight how they’ve changed.