Military Woman- It’s back!

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ILuvBNaMom just wrote:
“Just found your blog. Great stuff. Love the recipes. Really like the story but… ummm… I can’t find the next episode. Have you written any more to it since June 09? If so, where is it hidden??”

Why yes, I have! And yes, it IS hidden…somewhere. Want to know where?

Tale of a Military Woman

I launched it on my Birthday, totally forgot to share it with you all. That’s the mind of a Mom, I guess.  For those of you that haven’t had the chance to read the series, I’ll be posting a chapter every Friday. And for those that were diligently reading the drama that is Military life, there are new chapters ready to publish as soon as we get through the original ones! I’m so excited about this new blog, and I’m really excited to finally continue with the story. I have 12 years worth of experiences to share and I’ve only gotten to the 5th month of it. We still have to discuss engagements, 9/11, overseas deployments, arrests, bomb-building, drunken stupors and lots more. I hope you can join me every week and hop on over now to read Chapter 1.

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  1. 4.21.11
    Lucky said:

    I like your stories. I’m glad you started them again!