Spring Breakin’

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This will be an eventful week. Dearest Sonny Boy has his first official Spring Break!

I think I might be more excited about it than he is: he’s already asked twice when we are leaving to take him to school.  Luckily, I have some school work left over from our summer school “sessions” to keep him busy and not have him interrupt his sister’s nap time.

Why am I so excited? Because there will NOT be any running around this week. No dropping off to school in the middle of the day just to pick him back up 3 hours later. No runs to the grocery stores to pass the time in between pick ups. No worrying if Duchess will hold out on her second nap until after we pick up brother or will she konk out in her car seat on the back to school. This is a vacation to me. No rushing, just chilling.

I’m also excited about Easter. This time of year is pretty special for me since I was Saved on Easter, so I get all giddy every year. Sonny still doesn’t get why I make a big deal out of his Easter basket each year, but as long as I put candy or his favorite popcorn in the mix, he’ll put on a smiley face for me.

I also get excited about the food. We’re usually in Ohio for Easter, but this year, we’ll be home and I’m going all out. I’ve got the turkey breast and will go pick up the leg of lamb later in the week. Hubby is so excited about that lamb. It seems like I can only make it once a year, so when I do make it, he is over the moon. Now that we have our own family, Easter and Spring Break means Lamb for him. For me, it means peeps. Lots and lots of peeps. I heart them so. I also heart the after Easter sales when I can get lots of them for deep discount and make S’meeps out of them. Chocolate is on deep discount as well, so it’s like the stores just want us to make s’meeps out of these little pieces of heaven.

Well, off to hang with my kiddos for the day. I hope you all have a wonderful week as well!

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  1. 4.19.11
    Anonymous said:

    Dear Amiyrah, In the past few weeks, your posts have been written beautifully. You have eliminated the ghetto slang, and everything is spelled correctly. Very Well Done!

  2. 4.20.11
    Amiyrah said:

    hahahaha! I usually don’t post comments like that, but that just made me laugh so hard. Yes, the black girl can speak in proper English, ladies and gentlemen. *takes a bow*