Meal Plan Monday!

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I made dinner, cleaned up and sat down to catch up on an old magazine and realized….I didn’t post our plan for this week! Here it is:

Monday: Chicken Alfredo primavera with side salad
Tuesday: Homemade Salisbury steak with gravy, mashed potatoes and green peas
Wednesday: Baked ravioli with side salad and garlic bread
Thursday: Brown butter tilapia with brown rice and lentils
Friday: Pizza night! I have some fresh mozzarella I got for .99, so we’ll have pizza Margherita
Saturday: Off to a 50th birthday party
Sunday: Dinner at my parents house

Dessert of the week: fresh fruit! We have mangoes, bananas, oranges and apples to get through
(P.S.- I had half a mango sprinkled with kosher salt today….absolute heaven! Salty, sweet, yum!)

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  1. 5.10.11
    Marisa said:

    Yum! I started doing a menu plan about a month ago and we’ve saved some money on our grocery bill which is awesome.