Meal Plan Monday!

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It’s going to be a pretty easy week. I’m going to make a double batch of chili and use part of it for taco potatoes the next day. I’ll even use the dried pinto beans twice and make red beans and rice with some of them.

Monday: Grilled Chicken Parmesan with buttered noodles and side salad
Tuesday: Slow cooker chili with cornbread
Wednesday: Taco potatoes with a side of broccoli
Thursday: Red beans and rice with side salad
Friday: Pizza night!
Saturday: Shrimp fried rice with egg drop soup
Sunday: Annual Family bowling competition! We’ll be eating “fun” food at the bowling alley and battling my cousins in a tournament lol

Dessert of the week: Banana nut sticky buns(a new recipe I put together. If it works out, I’ll post it for ya!)

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  1. 5.17.11
    egregg said:

    I’m making fried rice tonight!! Using your recipe since its detailed so perfectly! It will just be with extra egg because I don’t feel like cooking any meat to put in it. Lazy day!