The 1st of Grades

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Just less than a week ago, my boy graduated from Kindergarten.

Now, I thought this would have been the end of me; blubbering, sobbing, taking a million pictures, but this was not the case.

One of a mother’s proudest days is when she sends her child to their first day of real school. Whether that be a brick and mortar classroom, or starting their official home school curriculum, your heart skips a beat when that first day starts. Some moms even shed some tears during that first day and can document that in a video, picture or even a box with the first day of school outfit tucked away for embarrassment during the teenage years.

I am a mom that sobs at the birth of her child, and even at the loss of a first tooth(which also happened this week), but that first and last day of school brings anxiety to me.  On the first day I think if my kiddo will be picked on, will he like his teacher, will I have to come get him early because he just can’t stand school? Or, like his Mom and Dad, will he just be so bored to tears and cause all types of troubles because he’s not challenged enough? Or even scarier, will he be the kid that lags behind and can never catch up to the work?

The last day of school is none the better. It’s filled with thoughts of him learning enough from his teacher, wondering if we asked enough questions or intervened enough to make a difference in his school experience. Figuring out if we need to send him to a camp this year, or if my summer school curriculum will keep him challenged and busy. Did we express enough how much we appreciated the hard work his teacher put into his intellectual growth? Pardon my french, but it makes me bat sh*t crazy. My psychosis is all effed up, and I’m hoping not to pass that on to my kids when it comes to school, but I would love to be the blubbery mom. I envy the blubbery mom. She’s so carefree and living in the moment. Then I feel myself turned tides. I can feel the tears welling up. Why do you think this is happening now. Well, this is why….

*sigh* High school graduation. I don’t even want to think about retched my neuroses will be by 2023. It’s going to take a lot of yoga and meditation to get over THAT last day of school.

Please tell me I’m not alone in this! Do the last days of school make you crazy? Or do they bring tears to your eyes?

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  1. 6.21.11

    I cried at both my nephew’s graduations from kindergarten…and I’m not a mom yet….
    I think I will be a little of both….what you explain you are like, as well as the blubbery mom, if that’s even possible.
    Whenever I have kiddos and will be home for awhile, we’ll have to plan some play dates!

  2. 6.21.11
    Amiyrah said:


    LOL! I think you’d be a little of both too. Kids make you all crazy anyway, especially once they start school.


    I was actually just like you when he was 2 and 3. Acutally, I was that way last year when he graduated preschool. Being in a real school changes your outlook on things. I would have never thought I’d think about all the things I did, but that’s the way it happens. You want your child to have a great experience at school and these may or may not be the things you think about.

    P.S.- they didn’t have a “real” graduation from kindergarten; he just “graduated” meaning the school year was over. We had to go through one of those God awful graduations last year for him and I still remember my sister’s graduation lol.

  3. 6.21.11
    Emily said:

    Haven’t experienced that yet since my oldest is only 2 and a half. So i’ve got a few years. However, while reading your post all I could think is I hope I’m not like either of the situations you mentioned 🙂 and I don’t think I will be. I’m pretty laid back and I know i won’t cry because thats just not me at all. I doubt I’ll worry like you do because that is also not me. I’ll probably be too laid back and when the teacher sends home something about kindergarten graduation I’ll complain because of how ridiculous I think having a graduation for kindergarten is. I guess we’ll see in a few years