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One of the biggest expenses for me is clothing. With weight fluctuation, and my addiction to having trendy pieces and loving my classic pieces, well, to pieces, it seems like I’m always trying to find a deal on clothes or looking for ways to make the clothes I do have last as long as possible. The newest idea I’ve been implementing is clothing rotation,

We already rotate our clothes in and out with each season, so doing this within each season is an even better concept.  Just imagine: you have a favorite tee that you love to where in the summer but you know that within those months you will end up wearing and washing it down to the point where it will become a new cleaning rag for housework.  How about rotate that t-shirt in and out of your wardrobe every few weeks? Here’s the plan I’ve been following since the beginning of spring:

1. Pull out all spring  and summer clothes. Go through them and discard any items that you know you won’t want to wear(or can’t fit) and put aside to give to Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.
2. Place like items together. Same style t-shirts, shorts, tank tops, or dresses all get put into their own piles.
3. Decide what type of rotation you want to use. I suggest doing a 2 or 3 week rotation, so you won’t get tired of using certain pieces for a long period of time, but you’ll have enough time with your mini-wardrobe so that you don’t feel like you are constantly switching out clothes.
4. Create your 2 new wardrobes. If you have 2 pairs of similar style shorts, place one pair in one pile and one pile in another. If you have 4 pairs, place 2 in one pile and 2 in the other, etc. By the time you are done with this, you’ll not only have your items organized, but you will be able to see what outfits you can create from each pile.
5. Place one pile in your drawers to be used for the next few weeks, fold up the second pile and place in nearby storage(like a linen closet or a tupperware under your bed).
6. Make a goal to wear every piece of clothing in your first pile. This will ensure that all pieces get their time out in public. It also ensures that you may not have to wash your wardrobe until the rotation period is over.

I started doing this right before the first day of spring, and even with the fluctuation of the weather, I’ve been able to give each item it’s due time. I also was able to add in a few more pieces since I could see what was missing from each rotation group(new items pictured above). I’ve even been able to rotate out my purses, which is big since I wear out purses like crazy. My favorite clothing pieces seem even more special now since I don’t give myself the opportunity to wear them every time I have the inclination to pull them out.

Do you all do anything special to stretch out the use of your favorite clothing pieces? Do you think this idea might work for you?

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  1. 6.16.11
    Alex M said:

    I’m sorry to be late to comment on this one, but it’s a great idea and a way to get around the fact that most of us wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time!

  2. 6.16.11
    Amiyrah said:

    Exactly! That’s one of my pet peeves about my wardrobe and hubby’s; we have our favorites and just deny the rest BUT never like to get rid of them. By using this system, everything get’s worn, whether you like it or not. And, if if turns out that you don’t like an item, you’ve at least given it it’s fair time in rotation and can give it away without feeling guilty.

    Thanks for commenting 😉

  3. 6.20.11
    Emily said:

    I recently lost 40lbs and have had to slowly replace my entire wardrobe (since I can’t afford to just go on a huge shopping spree.) I’ll have to keep this in mind once my wardrobe is full again. Right now everything in it are my favorites because they are all new to me.

  4. 9.2.11

    Do you have a way to rotate favorite outfits? I prefer outfits but it!s hard to remember outfits in picture form

  5. 9.2.11
    Amiyrah said:


    I would say the easiest way to rotate whole outfits is to always put them together and place them on hangers in the closet. Put into 2 sets and place each set at one end of the closet. Just switch out the sets of outfits every week or two weeks, depending on how many outfits you have. This way, each outfit get equal time, and you can see which ones make you feel the best in them. The ones that you are not sure about, either give them away, or try placing the pieces of the “OK” outfits with one another to make up new outfits.