The “Meriod”

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 This past weekend, I became subject to an epidemic that has plagued many a-house; an occasional occurrence that effects your humble abode in the strangest of ways. I’m of course speaking of The Meriod.

Also known as the “Man period,” this bought of raw male emotion is seen quite a bit all across the world but we are always hesitate to put a name to the problem.  I have to thank my wonderful Gay friend from High School for letting me know the exact name.  When Collin (Hi Collin!) left a status update a few months ago announcing that his “meriod” had returned and his emotions were through the roof, I immediately knew what he was referencing.  My dear sweet, pain in the ass Husband experiences this issue; and this past weekend, it was on overload.

The meriod is a sneaky bugger. We significant others may only see it once in a blue(or new or full) moon, but when it shows up, are hands are placed right over the fire, not knowing if we need to fight back, stand back, or intervene with some type of advice, help, or chocolate cake. It’s not as simple as dealing with the female PMS. We’ve grown up knowing exactly what to do for that; some turn to chocolate, some sleep it off, and some turn to the Lifetime channel and cry the PMS out of ourselves until we feel refreshed. Easy. A meriod attack is a whole other ball game. It’s like watching a 300 pound man angrily swing his arms, yell at a small child, and cry hysterically all at the same time. A total hot mess that you don’t want to be apart of but somehow always gets wrangled into.

You would think that the meriod is something that we women made up to show men that they are susceptible to emotions as well, creating a “go to” example of how they turn into jerks a few times a month. But, it’s actually a medically proven occurrence! Dr. Oz discussed it recently; men have “Cycles” just like women, but they are on a 7 day rotation, rather than 28 days.  The testosterone levels reach an all-time high around the 6th or 7th day and that’s when they are likely to portray “PMS like” symptoms. The key here is to “release” the testosterone at least by mid week to keep the meriod at bay. If that isn’t possible, then just waiting it out also works, which is also similar to the female PMS. Now I don’t need to go into how to “release” the testosterone, but I’m sure you smart cookies know exactly how to remedy that situation.

Our bought with the meriod started Saturday night and still continues this morning. I made the mistake of falling into the trap of a meriod-based argument and I think I made matters worse. No kiss goodbye this morning and no “thank you” after making his lunch or dropping him off at the train station. I know it will probably die down by tomorrow morning, so I guess I’ll be walking on eggshells until then. I’ll suck it up, grin and bare it, because, well, he does it for me about every 26 days.

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  1. 6.7.11

    Oh honey I can relate. We are a house of women but my husband can rival some or our period moods as well. I just stay away and let him get over it. Just like us they are not rational during these moments. Here’s hoping he gets over it soon.

  2. 6.7.11

    That name is golden LOL!

    I’m absolutely following.

  3. 6.7.11
    Ro Little said:

    Hi! I’m a new follower from Bloggy Moms! The Meriod. Interesting. I’m going to have to watch my hubby’s mood swings now. THanks for posting!

    Ro 🙂
    Have YOU had YOUR Mom-ME Moment today?

  4. 6.7.11

    I think my husband has this 🙂 New follower from bloggy moms, look forward to your future posts! You can find me at

  5. 6.8.11
    Amiyrah said:

    hahahaha! I love all the comments! Sunny, the meriod has passed now, and life is back to normal. BUT, at least now I have it documented on blog so I can reference back to the last time he had it. He still thinks these episodes don’t happen; like he blacks out for a few days and doesn’t remember his man-rage lol.

  6. 6.8.11
    thrifty said:

    LMAO!! I love this post!! I used to reference this as his B*t*c*y time… Now it’s most DEF the MERIOD!! Amazing!! Honestly, I think men have it way WORSE than women! It’s like they are BIPOLAR when its their “meriod” time! I could just be saying this because I am a woman! haha

  7. 6.9.11
    Jenny said:

    I don’t know if there’s official name for these tantrums but I really don’t think anyman has any excuse to throw them for no reason and get away with that. Sorry, but I just don’t buy it. As women, we do get PMS but we’ve learned how to control moodswings, cramps, headaches etc since we were teens. No reason for men not to learn to do the same. And if they throw a tantrum then they should “man-up” and take responsibility for such and not pretend it never happened.

  8. 6.13.11

    I don’t think my husband has ever experienced a meriod….and now I’m jealous. Maybe because he knows his meriod wouldn’t last a minute in my house LOL