A Tale of Two Parties

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For us, summer will forever mean the preparation of two birthday parties for two very different children. This year will be the first time I’ll experience planning two parties that will happen within a 3 week time frame.

Am I nervous about this? Yes. Will this be difficult. Absolutely. Am I up for the challenge? Heck yeah! I am excited to share how I’ll do this will you all on here, as well as have it documented for future reference years to come, when I get overwhelmed around the end of June and think that I can’t go through it again. Not only will I share what I’m doing for my own children, but I’ll share some great ideas I’ve learned while thinking of how to keep each party original and fun for the guests. Since most of the guests will the the same for both parties, it’s important to me to display each child’s personality while creating totally different interactions for the guests. It should get fun to show you all what I have in mind.

So, come back during this week and check out what I have in mind and what we will be implementing this year, what we’ve done in past years, and what we may implement in years to come.

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  1. 6.27.11

    I hear ya here, I have two bdays coming up for the month of July. mIne and my almost 2yo. I’m excited but a bit uneasy. I have to be selffish this year because I give and give and give to my family and truthfully I need a shopping spree and some really expensive gifts to make up for such a hard year. I’m looking foward to reading what you’ll have next. This gives me an idea for a new post,since i’m having bloggers block.