Life without kids

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This week Mama Kat had a writer’s prompt that really spoke to me:
Describe what you think you life would be like if you never had kids.

When I think about life without kids, I immediately turn to work.  Before I met my husband, I was addicted to work. I had 3 jobs, by choice, and loved being productive. Even when we got together, I still kept 2 jobs just to feel like I was contributing to society.  Once I entered the military, I didn’t see it as my primary career; I had dreams of becoming a lawyer, and serving meant that I could attain that on someone else’s dime.  If I had never had kids, I’m more than positive I would have graduated law school, finished up internship and started at a firm by now.

I also see lots of travel. Hubby and I seeing the world, living the life of a “newlywed” couple for years.  There are so many places that we both have on our “bucket lists” and I don’t think we’ll be able to see them anytime soon.

I do see a bit of sadness with us as well. We are by nature “kid people,” having been the oldest, in both families, of lots of cousins. It’s difficult to go from being in a family where a new baby is introduced every few years to having it just be “you and I.”

I have to say, when I was so-called planning my life, I never thought it would take me down this path. Marriage was never in my future, but a kid was.  By the age of 29, I thought I would have the world at my fingertips and only success on my mind. It’s funny how the whirlwind of a family can make you laugh at those “plans.”

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  1. 6.8.11
    Precious said:

    Don’t give up your dream of becoming a lawyer. It could still happen. But I think you have the best “career” in the world right now.

  2. 6.9.11
    Jenny said:

    Coming from a different angle I guess for me I’d have to ask – what would your life be like “with” kids. We don’t have kids and not planning to have them in the near future. The only “kids” we have are fur-babies and they are more than a handful. Our travel and activities are restricted by having them because catsitter for a week is expensive – 3 visits (have kitties with special needs) a day for 30 min = $30×3 for 7 days = $90×7 = $630 for one week. If there is any emergency and have to take trip to a vet then it’s extra on TOP of the vet bill. But yes, from the perspective of what i though I was going to do when I reached 30’s while I was in my 20’s it’s night and day. Some of it we achieved (house) but many are still work in progress. I do think I was more work focused as career in the past and now it’s just a job that pays bills. Views changed quite a bit.

  3. 6.9.11
    Mama Kat said:

    I’m certain we would travel more too!

  4. 6.10.11

    Well all in all that’s a pretty good life..both before and after!
    Just popped in from Mama Kat to say hi!

  5. 6.10.11
    Kimberly said:

    You are quite an ambitious and driven person! Like you, I’m a kid person. I love kids. I couldn’t see my life any other way!