When the Devil attacks….

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As I sit down to write this, I know I have about a million things to do. All of a sudden this week, I have had to put out so many fires. During this dreary and cloudy week, when it rained it poured all over our home. But, like every other time this happens, I have to realize that the Devil may be attacking for a reason.

I know not everyone believes in the so-called “devil” but most of us believe is the downsides of life and the amazingly unfortunate situations that seem to pop up in threes, fours, and fives sometimes. You kind of feel like you are under machine gun fire and it’s hard to get your thoughts straight. Lately, the fire has been coming in bursts around here. Just when we go to peek around the corner, it starts right back up. The enemy has been on my ass, so to speak, and he’s not letting up.

Now don’t get me wrong; this will NOT be a Debbie Downer post. It’s just an acknowledgement of a current series of situations. I’ve learned in my short years on Earth that once you acknowledge the the elephant in the room, you can begin to shoo him away.

Whenever we are challenged, the payoff seems to come in abundance and I’m sure that may be the case. During a few of our last attacks, we gained a promotion, windfalls and windfalls of “fun money,” awards and decorations in my military career, and oh yeah, a baby boy and girl.

We’re dealing with the closed doors, but waiting on those windows to open. And they better hurry up because it’s getting stuffy in here.

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  1. 6.24.11
    Jenny said:

    Ditto! that’s how i’ve been feeling for past few years as well. Just when you think you’re starting to get back on your feet life knocks you down again. All you can do is take one step at the time.