10 TV Shows That Need to Come Back

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10 TV Shows that need to come back

I have to admit: I am a TV junkie. It started when I was younger with watching old shows on the couch with Dad, and now it continues with Hubby and I catching our new favorite shows from our comfy couch. Television provides that temporary illusion of taking you to another place; it’s like a vacation within a 30 minute to one hour period.  There are some shows that I just plain old miss like crazy. Here are my top 10 shows that need to come back to the small screen:


(not to be mistaken by The Bob Newhart Show)

Two brothers named Darryl? Classic.

Murphy Brown

I LOVED this show. Miles was my favorite character because he wore glasses. I had a “thing” for classes. And speaking of awesome shows with the best female leads….

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Thanks to Nick at Nite, I got hooked on this classic too. Rhoda was the best, and was ME. I still love to bring my Rhoda out on special occasions. Plus, this is when I fell in love with Cloris Leachman. Dancing with the stars later solidified that love.

Good Times

I was raised in an African-American household, so Good Times HAS to be on the list. It’s still to this day a fantastic show. If it ever came back, they could do fabulous things with that story line in present day. Plus, it would bring Janet Jackson back to the small screen, which would make me very happy, I’m an uber Janet fan.

The Joy of Painting

If there was some supernatural way that we could bring Bob Ross back to make some more “happy trees” magic on TV, I would be all for it. I felt bad that my kids wouldn’t get to be lulled into a hypnotic trans by Mr. Ross’s slow, calming tone — Happy Trees…Happy Trees…– but Netflix fixed that. Gotta love Netflix for bringing back the classics for the new generation to enjoy.

Mr. Wizard’s World

If I’m going to go real geek on you, I have to mention Mr. Wizard. I loathed science and he made it doable for me. I also want to give an honorable mention to Beakman’s World for showing the cool in science, as well.


Listen, if you wondered where these reality witches learned how to really cat fight, it’s from shows like Dynasty. Alexis Carrington was the end all, be all of cat fight winners.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

You can make fun of me all you want. My Dad turned me into a trekkie and this series is my favorite one by far. I could have watched it for 20 years, and since they were already in the future, there would be no problem bringing it back. Plus, I used to put my banana clip over my eyes and pretend I was Geordi La Forge. Speaking of Geordi….

Reading Rainbow

Man, I would really love to have this show around nowadays. I credit this show for my respect for books. It would seem silly to have a television show about reading, but every time the show ended, I was pumped to go to the library and get a new book to read. Plus, the theme song rocks. Butterfly in the sky….I can go twice as high….

Pinky and the Brain

I just….I love this cartoon. It was genius and silly at the same time. And they never did take over the world, so we can continue this one. I always felt for Brain. I deal with a lot of “pinkies” in my life, so I get where Brain is coming from. He’s a simple, intelligent mouse who just wants one thing, but there’s always something, or someone keeping him from his goal. It’s the world’s exercise wheel at it’s best.

A big thanks to Mama Kat for putting up this prompt. I had so much fun with this one and I wish I could list 10 more!

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  1. 7.5.11
    Alex M said:

    I was crushed that The Tick never took off as a network series. But I loved Newhart too!!!

    Anyone who has time should go over to You Tube and catch the pilot and the few episodes that were made. Mighty Blue Justice!

  2. 7.5.11
    Amiyrah said:

    Alex! I loved the Tick too! They still show the old episodes on a station dedicated to old cartoons. They even show Duckman on there, which was another cartoon I loved to death but hardly took off.

  3. 7.5.11

    I loved Star Trek TNG, but also DS9. Oh and Murphy was a wonderful character for a young girl. Now you are making me think of all the cool old shows.

  4. 7.6.11

    happy trees, fluffy clouds… aahh.. the good old days of tv..

  5. 7.7.11

    Great list! I liked any of Bob Newhart’s shows, Good Times and Murphy Brown too.

    I would add LOST to the list…sigh

  6. 7.7.11
    Janet @KYKlips said:

    You have some great picks on your list. I have to disagree with Dynasty though; I’m a Dallas girl myself. Loved Murphy Brown and Mary Tyler Moore. I’m sure Reading Rainbow is one of the reasons I loved going to the library and turned into an English Major with American Lit emphasis in college. I also checked out Mama Kat’s blog; I wasn’t familiar with her but I think I just might type up my own list of 10 and join the hop. See you at BloggyCon next week!

  7. 7.7.11
    Dumb Mom said:

    My mom used to force that Joy of Painting show on me. Honestly didn’t even know what it was called until just now because I always called it “that painting show with the afro man”.

  8. 7.7.11

    Now THIS is a list I can get behind. Add Seinfeld and we are golden. 😉

  9. 7.7.11
    B said:

    I can remember my father getting a huge laugh everytime Daryl, his brother Daryl and his other brother Daryl walked into the room.

  10. 7.7.11
    Cam said:

    great list! I almost put Falcon Crest and Knots Landing on my list! They were right up there with Dynasty for me! Newhart was sooo good and Good Times! Damn, damn, damn! Why wasn’t that on my list! 🙂

  11. 7.8.11

    I liked The Bob Newhart show too–his therapy sessions were hilarious! My mom enjoyed the “Joy of Painting” show too. She even bought the books and we painted together for awhile!

    Here’s my list: http://zemeks.blogspot.com/2011/07/karens-top-10-tv-shows-writers-workshop.html

  12. 7.8.11
    Shanna said:

    I still run across the “Fluffy Painter Guy” on Public Television. Also Reading Rainbow has been spotted there.
    Weekend channel surfing has stumbled across Good Times as well. You need to send a letter to TVLand to see if they will run those old shows.
    Love your blog and Happy Birthday to your boy. 😉