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Last Wednesday, I have the pleasure of attending Bloggy Conference in Mason, Ohio. Yup, this frugal blogger actually went to shmooze with other bloggers, on my own dime. Such a shocker huh?

Well, I ended up getting a free conference ticket by asking if I could volunteer (did you know you could do that?!) and since we were driving to Ohio for the summer in July, we just planned the whole trip around the conference. It was like perfect timing! I have to admit that I was pretty scared going into this; I have a mild case of agoraphobia(OK, its not diagnosed, but still) so meeting a large group of people, women at that, makes me beyond agitated. As I sat at my table with these bloggers whose writings I have admired for the past month(yes, I had been stalking some of them through their blogs), I felt my heart pump harder. But, once Mary of Pajamas and Coffee(who I stalked the most) decided to take off her heels and place them on the table, I knew I was in the right place. Stuffy these ladies were not, and funny they definitely were. For the next 3 hours we laughed, shared and expressed our excitement over what we would be learning in the next few days.

I learned so much about blogging, and also about how to be more of an influence as a frugal blogger, thanks to the frugal bloggy squad I was a part of. So, needless to say, this conference not only lit a fire under my butt, but it showed me how much I truly appreciate all of you, my readers.

I can’t wait to attend Bloggy Conference next year. I also can’t wait to keep plugging along here, sharing what I learn and being a cheerleader to all of you that are looking to make a frugal lifestyle work for you and your families. a big thank you to Tiffany and Sherry for creating an environment conducive to learning how to be the best blogger and the best supporter of your readers. I can’t wait until 2012!

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  1. 7.20.11

    Oh man, I’d love to go to this! Was there a lot of people? I really need to get a fire under my rear and really make my blog shine!

  2. 7.20.11
    marymac said:

    You know you can stalk me and my shoes (ok, actually my teenager’s shoes) any day of the week, mama! Awesome to meet you and your brilliant, beautiful smile! Rock ON with your bloggy self, yo! xoxo

  3. 7.20.11

    Amiyrah, I’m so happy that it was just the right size for you to open up and enjoy. Yep we were all diggin your shoes, and you’re right it’s so nice to be able to dress up and feel beautiful. It warms my heart that you had a great time despte your undiagnosed anxiety. Thanks for the shout out at the bottom and we look forward to seeing you at BloggyCon 2012!

  4. 7.20.11

    Wow, thank you so much for the kind words. You have no idea how humbled I am that you planned your trip around the conference… thank you! I can’t wait to see you next year!

    ~ Tiffany

  5. 7.21.11
    Amiyrah said:

    Mary, Sherry and Tiffany, you women are so great. Thanks for being you 🙂


    they are going to have it every year! It was a great experience and totally lit a fire under my butt to blog like a maniac. It’s such a great outlet, and it’s so awesome that I actually have people who like to read it! I really learned to treat my blog with the respect it deserves. You should got next year! You would have a blast 🙂

  6. 7.21.11

    Great post~Enjoyed meeting you! A great group of people…..

  7. 7.25.11

    ahh, I’m jealous! Maybe next year I’ll be able o rub shoulders with all the blogging ladies and learn some great things. I’m glad you had fun. I have some anxiety about meeting new people in large groups, it’s not as easy as it was onn the playground,lol.