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This is one of those weeks where I was certain I wouldn’t be able to make a whole week’s worth of meals out of what we have left in our fridge after the 2 parties we hosted this past weekend. But, looks like I might be wrong. Here’s what I will make from the stockpile this week:

Monday: 4th of Juuuuuuly! We were all tired out from grilled food, so we used a gift card and ate 1.00 sandwiches from Burger King with some leftover corn on the cob 😉
Tuesday: Faux crab cakes with brown rice and carrots
Wednesday: Teriyaki London broil with served over salad
Thursday: Sonny’s birthday! stove top chicken and pasta casserole served with corn on the cob
Friday: pizza night!
Saturday: Taking sonny out for a birthday dinner
Sunday: Dinner at my parents’ house

Dessert of the week: Blueberry pie and birthday cup cakes for Sonny’s 6th birthday!

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