Now that you’re one….

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Now that you’re one…
I see your personality in full force. You are sweet, anamated and a social butterfly. You are the perfect mix of your Mom and Dad. And I love it. I truly do.

Now that you’re one…
You and your big brother are thick as theives. As the second born, you are determined to keep up with him in all aspects, not realizing he’s a 6 year old boy and you probably won’t catch up. I do have to say, you are talking him to death though. I hear you two playing in the room and he just can’t keep up with all that you’re saying. Give him a break; he just figured out your language.

Now that you’re one…
I can see how much the signing and talking has created who you are. Here I thought I was being one of those weird hippie moms that learned baby sign language and talked to you like a mini person rather than a, you know, baby. The fact that you can say, clearly, “i’m happy,” “hi baby,” “hi penny(our cat’s name)” and “go away(thanks Big bro for that one!)” tells me that I’m not a maniac. OK, that I’m not as big of a maniac as I thought.

Now that you’re one….
I can see the relationship with your Father blossoming. I’m hoping that you and him will be able to experience what I had, and have, with my Dad. A father/daughter relationship can send you to the moon and back and I think you and Daddy are well on your way.

Now that you’re one…
I see that you love your mama so. I would call you clingy, and I have, but I know that it just means that the love is there in bounds. You smile when I enter a room, and you say Mama before you babble away what’s on your mind at the time. I fall in love with you every time you do it.

Now that you’re one…
I think of how we got through this year, but it will only get harder from here. There will be days that you won’t like me very much and they’ll be days that you don’t like me back. It will be the same for your Father and Brother. Just picturing those days in my mind already breaks my heart. I know they are coming and there is nothing we can change about it. I just hope that there are more happy days than effed up days.

Now that you’re one…
I picture you as a woman. At my age or younger, doing what you love and being just you. I also see you doing something that Mom and Dad may not agree with and us trying to figure out how to be supportive. Out of the two of you, I see you as the one that will push the envelope, already at one. Will we be able to stay strong for you? Will you take how we feel into account? I hope and pray the answer to those questions is yes, but I’m preparing for no.

Now that you’re one…
I can see you experiencing the little “big” things in life: first day at school, first best friend, first boyfriend, first car, first heartbreak. In our family, we think it’s the little things that shape who you are. How will these little things shape you? I have to admit, it scares me to think about it.

Now that you’re one….
I wonder if you will ever be as happy as you are right now during any other part of your life. I’ve had a few select moments of bliss where my parents have told me that they hadn’t seen me that happy “in a long time.” These are usually the times where your contentment level is similar to the level it was when you were a small child. Some never experience it again, but I plead that you will.

And now that you’re one….
I realize how much of a blessing your really are. That the years we had to wait for you to come down from heaven and be apart of our family was worth it. That cherubs do indeed exist, and I’m lucky enough to raise not one, but two of them.  I cry happy tears today….because you are one.

Happy Birthday, sweet baby girl
Thanks to Shellthings Pour Your Heart Out carnival for the inspiration….

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  1. 7.26.11
    Rhonda said:

    What a touching post. Very moving and I see you sharing this in her later years and also, reflecting back on it. You rock, Mama.

  2. 7.26.11
    Margaret said:

    What a sweet tribute to your little girl! She’s adorable!

  3. 7.26.11

    What a great post! I’m not a mother (yet?) but I could feel what you were saying. Your words were perfect and I hope that one day your little girl gets to read them too and feel the love you’ve shown to us. Happy Birthday baby girl!

  4. 7.27.11
    JennysMom said:

    What a beautiful post! I hope you write one every year on the Duchesses’ birthday, and then when she’s older, she reads them.

    It’s so obvious how much you love your new little one and how much she has added to your family. Welcome to the world, Alannah! I can’t believe you’re already one…

  5. 7.27.11
    markiemom said:

    awww…that was so sweet. Happy First Birthday cutie!

  6. 7.27.11
    Kathy said:

    Can’t believe she is a year already!!!!!

  7. 7.27.11
    Precious said:

    I could just feel the love you have for her. Happy Belated First Birthday Alannah.

  8. 7.27.11

    What a sweet tribute to your little one! When my kids turned one I cried my eyes out. She’s adorable! 🙂

  9. 7.27.11

    How sweet!! Brought a happy tear to my eye! Happy Bday to your Duchess!

    This is making me want to have one now lol

  10. 7.27.11

    simply beautiful and oh so sweet. and your girl is ADORABLE! 🙂

  11. 7.27.11
    amygrew said:

    Such a sweet tribute! Enjoy the start to her second year 🙂

  12. 7.27.11
    Renee said:

    What a precious post…and baby girl! They grow up so fast. What a great way to capture this moment in time.

  13. 7.27.11
    Shell said:

    This is so sweet! Happy birthday to your baby!

  14. 7.28.11
    Adrienne said:

    This was so beautiful! Don’t you just wish they would always have the innocent happiness that they have now? She’s so darn cute! I love that picture!
    Stopped by from PYHO. I’m a new follower! 🙂