They just don’t get it…

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Lately, for some reason, the men in my life have been treating me like I’m an alien. Like I’m someone they’ve never encountered before and they don’t know how to deal with me. Personally, I’m realizing that they just don’t get it. Here are a few brief excerpts of what I’ve been going though:

My Husband doesn’t get….that just because I don’t want the chocolate you bought me RIGHT THIS SECOND doesn’t mean that I won’t want it in the near future. You see, once a month…nevermind. I like to collect my chocolate and use it at the perfect time. Please stop eating up my collection.

My Son doesn’t get….that Mommy does understand that in order to win at Angry Birds you need to not give up and keep trying. I swear, Mommy does get the concept of perserverance, but not when it comes to birds and evil, wicked pigs. Thanks for the advice though, boy genius.

My Dad doesn’t get…that when you send out a mass text to everyone in your contact list on your phone, that includes me. So, that super cool news you are waiting to tell me on Sunday when we come over to visit? Yeah, you told me Tuesday, along with 100 of your closest friends.

My Husband doesn’t get….that I acutally sleep in the bed with you. So, those feet you kick at night? Yeah, that’s me. That body in the tiny sliver of the bed you leave me to sleep in? Yup, that’s me also. A marital bed is for a married couple to sleep in, not just one dude and some invisible woman who obviously can sleep hovered OVER the bed. She doesn’t need actual bed space. That would be silly.

My Son doesn’t get….that Mom needs actual sleep too. Those times when Mommy tells you to come lay in the bed with her when you happen to wake up 2 hours before schedule? Yeah, you should probably go back to sleep then. Or, at least let your poor mother cuddle you for another hour. Coffee can only do so much

My Dad doesn’t get….that I’ve been his daughter for 29 years. That joke you’re dying to tell the punchline to? I’ve heard it, a billion times. I also know when you’ll fall asleep during a movie(about half an hour in), what stories you will tell when a specific topic comes into the conversation(the military stories are EPIC) and the tone in your voice when you are actually, truly serious about something(you don’t have to say “i’m serious”…I know you are). You’re my Dad. I get you.

Whew! I feel so much better after getting those out. I can’t be alone in this though. Do you live with, or love, someone that you think the world of but sometimes you know they just “don’t get it?”

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  1. 7.19.11
    JennysMom said:

    Well, I live with my cat, and she galloped down my entry (twice) this morning @ 5:29 am. For some reason, she just doesn’t get that when I go to sleep at midnight, I ‘d like to get at least 6 hours. Does that count?

    Maybe I should just bring up “Bank of Mom” and wish kiddos would realize there really isn’t a REAL money tree in the backyard. Yeah, that’s a better example…

  2. 7.19.11
    Heather said:

    OMG! I am sooooo living that right now!!! I couldn’t have written that better!!! Now, if only the MEN would read this and GET IT!!!

  3. 7.20.11
    Kara said:

    Yes!!! My husband doesn’t get that if there are crumbs on the table, counter, microwave etc…they need cleaned up. Don’t look at them, then look at my and say “what do you need help with?” DUH! And that pile of laundry? Yes! It needs folded! Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful for the help & know I’m very fortune. But, somedays, I would like to just have the very obvious get done. Thanks for the post, it makes me feel better to vent 🙂

  4. 7.21.11
    Amiyrah said:

    hahaha I love all the responses. Thanks for letting me vent, and thanks for venting in return! Let’s all cross our fingers and hope they “get it” soon. Yeah right lol.

  5. 7.22.11

    I don’t have a son but I have a husband and a dad and they are the same way!

    Wow, isn’t it interesting how all men are alike? My friend told me the other day that her husband can’t put anything away. He tells her, “I’m going to need it again soon anyway.” My husband says the same exact thing.

    Thanks for the laugh!