I miss being pretty…

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In the world of Mommyhood, heck, in the world of Frugal Mommyhood, the idea of going to get your nails/toes/feet done gets put on the back burner. Mostly because we are smart enough to see that it isn’t a necessity and it is something that we can do for ourselves right at home.  That doesn’t mean that we don’t miss the hell out of it.

Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit on the frumpy side; nails unkempt, toes needing assistance, and my hair was showing the amount of time I was spending outside or busy cleaning, since it was turning an auburn color and constantly up in a banana clip. Yes, I said banana clip. I have one, I use it, and it’s ugly. Go ahead and judge if you want. The frump factor doesn’t dissipate with the changing of dirty diapers, the washing of little boys’ underwear and socks, and the cleaning of toilets. I have to say, the word “sexy” doesn’t come to mind while I’m cleaning around the base of porcelain.  So, what’s a girl to do?

I try to make it up in attire, although the Mom uniform of tank tops, yoga pants, and flip flops tend to win the clothing battle, especially on busy days. I have to admit, a good dress that you can throw on at the last moment, like a shift dress or maxi dress, has been saving me this summer. But those damn yoga pants….they call to me almost every day.

I also try to get the opinion of the Husband. If it’s the weekend, and I remember, I’ll ask his opinion on what I should wear. Although I may see myself as the resemblance of a troll under a bridge, I know he still sees me as beautiful and will help me dress as such. More often than not, he picks great outfits.

But, I mostly miss the EXPERIENCE of  “getting pretty.” Rushing to get to that pedicure appointment so you can sit in the massage chair and talk to my favorite Korean nail tech,Tiffany(her American name), about her family and mine. I miss those unnecessary things called “acrylic tips” that wrecked havoc on my nails but just look so dang cute. I miss going to my hair appointment every 2 weeks and seeing my stylist. Listening to the new gossip, talking about bad TV, and giggling to no end about inappropriate things. Wait, I can do that on Twitter now. OK, so I miss how great my hair looked after the appointments, and that I didn’t have to tire my hands and arms trying to straighten and curl it myself. Ah, those were the days.

I have to say, I do miss all of those things, and I miss how it made me feel. But then again, when I got all those things done, I complained about how I miss all the money I had to give away for them. The grass is always greener, I guess. But still, I miss being pretty.

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  1. 8.9.11
    Alex M said:

    Oh I hear you!!! And I’ve cut down on wardrobe fun so that we can clear the house out and be ready to move.

    I read the Vintage Vixen blog and get my thrills vicariously through her… but I haven’ thrift shopped for anything fabulous or worn my good jewelry in ages.

    Color me frumpy too!!!

  2. 8.9.11

    You can still do those things the frugal way!! Use the daily deal sites for discounts or visit schools of cosmetology 🙂

  3. 8.10.11
    Steph B. said:

    I know we didn’t get to talk much at BloggyCon, but for the record, I thought you were gorgeous. And well-accessorized to boot. 🙂 You definitely did not look like a tired, unkempt mom… ha! And hey, even us childless ladies have our unkempt-feeling phases too. Example: me this entire hot, humid, OMG SO HUMID summer.

    Chin up… you’re definitely doing something right!

  4. 8.10.11

    I have a love/hate relationship with my yoga pants, too! I love them. They hate my hips and wonder when I am finally going to use them for a yoga class.

    Great post about a topic that I think all moms can understand.

  5. 8.10.11
    Shell said:

    Those yoga pants have a magic calling that I can’t ignore.

    But yes, I miss the pretty.

    Every once in a while, it helps me to dress up anyway.

  6. 8.10.11

    I KNOW! I don’t think I’ve ever been a regular haircut / style kind of girl, but the nails, it was just so relaxing, even if it was only once a month! I have not had a manicure since I relocated to NC. 5+ years ago! And one pedicure. I try to do my own toes, and I do, but it’s not the same. I so know. :?[]

  7. 8.10.11
    Amiyrah said:

    I’m loving all these comments! Thanks to all for reading, and nodding your head in agreement. Good to see i’m not alone, whether you have kids or not lol.

    Yup, I do those things WHEN I HAVE TIME. I think it’s more about the experience and extra leisure time that I really miss. Frumpy would be fine if I still had a few minutes to myself. It’s a vicious cycle lol.

  8. 8.10.11
    pmlevitt said:

    I’m in the yoga pants as we speak, covered in garden grime. I hear ya!

  9. 8.11.11
    Amy said:

    So fun to see a #BloggyCon mom in the PYHO line-up. I love a good pedicure myself, but I actually can’t stand those massage chairs. Do you all set aside “blow” money? Maybe every few months that could go to your pretty fund.