10 Things I’m looking forward to this weekend

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Since it’s been a crappy few weeks, I decided that I’m making myself list 10 things that I can’t wait to experience this weekend. Take that, grumpy me!

1. My Sister’s 16th birthday. Like most teenagers, my sister can be a bit of a pill, but every year since she became a teen, I get excited about her birthdays. I know that it’s one more year closer to her not being a teen anymore and possibly getting her right mind back. Plus, I love to put together great gifts for her. I’m that sister that gives awesome, unexpected gifts. Like brownies with mint icing, or a cool handbag. Word.

2. Playing dominoes with my husband. We tried to do this a few weeks ago, but the kids got in the way that weekend. This weekend, we don’t have much planned, so Friday night will be pizza and dominoes night. We always have a great time when we play each other at any game, but dominoes is the most fun.

3. I’m finally taking the kids to get their brother/sister portraits done. Because it hasn’t been in the budget, we haven’t been able to do this yet. There was an awesome Groupon out for JCPenney 200 dollar portrait package for only 40 bucks. I jumped on that one! Plus, the dress that I put Duchess in for her baby shower still fits her! Sonny has a green button down shirt and tie that matches the dress, so no need to even buy new outfits. I just hope they stay in a good mood during the session.

4. I get to bake bread again! Its finally getting cooler, so I can start baking our sandwich bread again. I told Sonny that I was going to bake special wheat bread for his school sandwiches and his little face lit up. I might even make a few loaves of other types and take it to my Mom’s house on Sunday.

5. Since it’s my sister’s birthday this weekend, we’re having a big party at my Parents’ house on Sunday. I’m excited about this because I get to see most of my extended family. Since I’m counting down the weeks before I leave, I really want to spend as much time with friends and family as possible. Because of that, we have lots of events and family gatherings planned up until Thanksgiving. This weekend kicks off the busy schedule.

6. Speaking of schedules, we get to go over our fiscal year planning this weekend! Since we both have government jobs, we tend to plan our years around the start of October, which is when the fiscal year starts in military and government jobs. We’re going to plan out all the family events, vacations, school events, etc this weekend with a free calender I got at ShopRite to celebrate The Jewish New Year. I love doing this because I can have a visual of how the year will be for us, busy or calm. I might even color code it this year!

7. Since I’m going to have the oven on the bake the bread, I’m going to bake some school snacks for Sonny. I have a stockpile of snacks, but I’d like to keep those there for Hubby to use when I’m gone and he has to pack Sonny’s lunch. It’s been a while since I’ve baked his snacks for lunch, so this should be fun. I’m going to check my snack recipes on here and see what tickles my fancy.

8. I get to start running this weekend. I LOATHE running. I just can’t do it properly and it sucks because I have to run in my physical fitness test for the military. They used to not base a lot on the run and I would pass on my weight, push ups and sit ups, but they changed the test. If I don’t pass the run, I don’t pass. So….I have 3 weeks to learn how to run. I’m looking forward to the time alone listening to my music and trying to catch my breath.

9. We get to go to church this weekend. I know this may sound strange, but we haven’t been in over a month due to military duty and other family commitments on Sunday. Religion aside, I just love the fellowship at my church. It’s full of friendly, funny, people and I need to be around people like that right now. Plus, my church rocks. Literally. They have a band and everything!

10. I’m in the running for 100,000! A great online buddy of mine(Hi Sue!) told me about this contest over on Cheap Sally called Bring Home the Bacon. They are going to staff a blogger to write a few times a week about the best deals they’ve seen online. The part is that you’ll get paid a $100,000 salary! I’m just a small fish but I think it would be awesome if a frugal blogger won this and I’m hoping it will be me. I plan on telling all of my family about it on Sunday to get some votes. I’d love your vote too! Click here and just click VOTE. You can vote once a day, so please feel free to bookmark my page and give me a vote everyday. I would love you forever if you do!

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  1. 9.30.11

    Good luck on the running thing! I need to start running again too. I hate starting up, but once I get in my groove I love it! It’s that small hurdle of just getting up and doing it…..

    Good luck too on the blog contest too!!!!!

    Tell your sister I said Happy Bday this weekend! Hope you get to enjoy your time this weekend!

  2. 9.30.11
    Amiyrah said:

    Thanks Beth! We need to get together before I go, maybe have a drink at the Skylark?

  3. 9.30.11

    Sure thing! I’m down for that….and since I’m unemployed, my schedule is pretty much open šŸ™‚

  4. 9.30.11
    Free!~ said:

    I just did a post on doing home baked snacks for my kids’ lunches.


    Actually I was going to do the bread post tonight…great minds think alike. I’ve been loving the new bread recipe a friend gave me. I do mine in the bread machine and it comes out perfect.


    I hope you have fun with your family this weekend šŸ™‚

  5. 10.3.11
    Lindsey said:

    You’re weekend sounds full!! Hope you got everything done!!