6 months of stockpile in 5 weeks?

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Yup, you read that question right.

I’m now on a mission to create a 6 month stockpile in less than 5 weeks. Just my luck, I found out last weekend that my deployment date has been moved up considerably. The time that I thought I had is gone, and the stockpile that I thought I had time to aquire needs to be here, like now.

My biggest question is: can I do this? Since sales cycles come around every 12 weeks, and deals haven’t been all that great, I’m really scared that it might not be possible. But, in the same token, the challenge makes me want to charge at it like a linebacker. It wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t already in the middle of building back up the stockpile we lost over the summer. All meats are pretty much gone and I have to not only stockpile meat, but cook most of it and freeze full meals, if possible. The list just gets longer.

The best scenario is to just have the husband shop every week. How great would that be?! But, that’s not going to fly. He works 10 hours days 5 days a week and has school 2 nights a week. Oh, and he doesnt cook. Oh, and he is the impulse buyer here so if its left up to him, all of the money I make while I’m gone will be all gone before I even get back to the states. Joy.

I do have a plan of attack though: I’m going to up my cherry picking back to the 5 stores I have within 10 miles of us. When gas prices went up, I cut it down to 3 stores and 2 drug store chains. Time to put back on my big girl panties and shop like an Extreme couponing maniac again. Also, I’m going to use my coupon for a trial membership at BJs and stock up on meat. I’m really afraid that if I wait to find out the meat deals at the stores each week, I might not get the stockpile of meals I have in mind. I’ve always thought the meat prices at the big box stores were pretty good, so i’ll dedicate a chunk of the grocery budget to that next week. Other than that, I don’t know what else to do but try not to panic.

Do any of you have any ideas? Have you ever had to create a big stockpile within a small amount of time?

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  1. 10.25.11
    Lucky said:

    amazon.com subscribe and save! I’ve used it for snacks, boxes of mac and cheese and baby diapers in the past.

    I find the meat prices at BJs to be the same as most loss leader sales at my grocery stores.

    Good luck!

  2. 10.25.11
    Lucky said:

    Also, BJs has good prices on chicken sausage and frozen peppers which I put in the crockpot together to make an easy meal. I bet your DH could even do it!

  3. 10.25.11
    Eeek said:


    Good luck form UK. Know what its like getting someone ready for deployment but in RAF obviously. Partner is in RAF. They moved his deployment up too. Take it you will be away over christmas? Much love


  4. 10.27.11
    Precious said:

    God Bless you and your family. Just shop the front page sales on meat and buy a lot. They are the best prices.

    Do have case sales there? If so stock up.

  5. 10.28.11
    Diane said:

    I don’t stockpile much, but I do think it’s worthwhile looking at ethnic stores for bulk purchase items. I buy rice and dal in large quantities there often.

    Also – have yo thought about going in with a friend and purchasing wholesale somewhere?