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I’m not a crunchy granola Mom.

Yes, I do baby-wear my little girl and yes, I follow a baby-led weaning food routine for her. I try to bake all of our snacks and breads and I cook our dinner almost every night. But, I’m not a crunchy granola Mom.

My Whole Chickens are not free range, but Perdue. I allow Oreos and Twinkies in my house, and every other week, we just might eat out at a restaurant, better yet, a CHAIN restaurant. Gasp. Shocker. Clutch your pearls because like I said, I’m not a crunchy granola Mom.

We read books every night, but we also put Spongebob on the big screen on the weekends. And yes, my 1 year old knows who he is. She knows the theme song. Yup, shoot me. I’m not a crunchy granola Mom.

I love to go thrift shopping and consignment shopping for the kids’ clothes instead of buying new. But, I don’t make their clothes. Better yet, I’ve never sewn or knitted in my life. I also use disposable diapers. Don’t pass out! Like I said, I’m not a crunchy granola Mom.

Now don’t get me wrong: I’m all about “The Movement.” I fully support the Breastfeeding, no gluten, Ergo Carrying Mamas out there. Actually, I have the pleasure of talking to lots of them almost everyday on social media. But, that one thing that still bothers me is the judgement. Because I pick and choose the techniques we use to parent, I get a scolding over anything that isn’t “natural,” “Paleo,” “Organic,” or “Straight from Mother Nature.” Being a Parent is hard enough as it is; do we have to add in the shame from other Parents?

I guess I’ll never know the feeling of the masses having a positive outlook on every single part of my parenting, while I look down on those that don’t do what I do. But like I said, I’m not a crunchy granola Mom.

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  1. 10.4.11
    Lindsey said:

    I’m not a parent, but I love what you said!! I think it’s wonderful to eat organic, breastfeed, use cloth diapers. But I also think that it’s wonderful if you don’t. And there needs to be healthy respect on both sides for how people are choosing to raise kids.

  2. 10.5.11
    Amiyrah said:

    Thanks Lindsey! I’m a supporter by nature, so it’s boggles my mind when Moms, or women in general, can’t support each other in their decisions.

  3. 10.5.11
    mich said:

    stopping by from PYHO: with some things people might say I am a crunchy mama but other times I am on the entire end of the spectrum. i pick and choose which works for me. I cloth diaper one of my boys but not the other, i happily wear my Ergo all around town but still have a giant double stroller in my trunk. we eat healthy most of the time but today my toddler had brownies for breakfast and we eat McDonald’s more than I would like to admit. I hate the judgment that goes along with this parenting stuff … you have to do what works best for you and I am never going to judge someone for their parenting choices.

  4. 10.5.11
    Kristin said:

    I’m not a crunchy granola mom either – I breastfed, I buy organic when practical, and I have Oreos too (Double Stuf are my favorite). I bake muffins and pancakes for my son without eggs because he’s allergic. And he loves french fries! I mean, who doesn’t?

    A friend of mine and I were talking about this last night – I didn’t do “Cry it Out” because that doesn’t work for us, but I get why it works for some, and I’m not going to judge. Let’s support each other in the decisions we make for our families, assuming we are keeping our families safe and well loved!

  5. 10.5.11
    Shell said:

    I’m not a crunchy granola mom, either. I did breastfeed mine, even extended bf, so people tended to think that about me… but we found the balance that worked for our family.

  6. 10.5.11


    This line?
    “Being a Parent is hard enough as it is; do we have to add in the shame from other Parents?”


  7. 10.5.11

    I am so with you on this one! I never understood why we, collective we, judge what other parents are doing. If the kids are feed, bathed, clothed, and not in any harm, who cares if its formula in their bellies, J&J in their tub, and Gap on their backs!

  8. 10.6.11

    Amiyrah! It sounds to me like you are doing a fabulous job. I do believe you have to pick and choose your parenting techniques!! And, by the way…you are hilarious!!

  9. 10.6.11
    Dawna said:

    I’m not a crunchy granola mom. Hadn’t even heard the term until now. Not entirely certain what one is, but have a vague idea now…

    Being a parent is tough. I think, rather than expect parents to do things one particular way, our energy is best served supporting one another.

    As long as our kids are healthy, happy, and thriving… what does it matter how we do things?

    People who look down on others because they don’t uphold one trend or another… have entirely too much time on their hands in my humble opinion.

  10. 10.6.11
    Katina said:

    Love this! I think you are so right, we shouldn’t shame people for doing things differently from the way we do them. Kudos to you for cooking most nights! Thank you for visiting me! BTW, shaming people looks a lot like the Pharasies if you ask me! Your newest follower!

  11. 10.6.11
    Missy said:

    We all do what works best for our family. I am not crunchy granola either. I used disposable diapers and bottle fed. I wore my youngest and made my own baby food with him. I didn’t cry it out and co-slept with my kids. It was what worked. It may not work for others but what matters is that our kids are all well loved, well taken care of, and feel secure. Thanks for visiting 🙂

  12. 10.6.11

    It’s competitive parenting. I am definitely like you in this respect.

  13. 10.6.11
    egregg said:

    “I’m a supporter by nature, so it’s boggles my mind when Moms, or women in general, can’t support each other in their decisions.”

    On this comment. Just have to say I completely disagree with this. If you know something is unsafe for anyone (my biggest issue is MSG) and you know ppl who consume it you should not support them. But you shouldn’t judge either. There is a huge difference from judging and supporting. Ex. I would never serve someone something with MSG in it even if they requested it(b/c that would be supporting it) but I also would never criticize them for eating it(b/c that would be judging it.) I would only comment on their eating choices if they asked or chose to comment on mine.

  14. 10.6.11
    egregg said:

    P.S. I’m not a crunchy granola mom either. I’m just educated on the pollutants in our food and made the decision to not consume them

  15. 10.8.11
    Jenny said:

    Many things I agree and many disagree (i.e twinkies are pure poison IMHO). It’s not about the “movement” for me – it’s just my normal way of life. I am not a mother but I am “crunchy granola, no disposble anything if possible and organic everything that I can manage” type. And yes, I know how to knit and sew but i only do it at my own leisure as entertainment.. I don’t do gadgets (no iphone here) and I prefer to read instead of TV; don’t use any chemichals at home other than baking soda to clean because I know first hand what that bleach will do to your insides (i grew up in city that produced bleach and watched too many examples and sideeffects that tend to kill).

    One thing I’m NOT about to do is tell anyone else what to do with their own life. Life is hard on it’s own and everyone should be able to find their own balance. I found mine and hope people find comfort level that works for them. No judgement to anyone or from anyone. As I said everything above is just MY choice. Everyone has their own.