Good Morning Starshine (last week of freedom)

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Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday and that you were able to enjoy your family.

Let’s agree to start this week off right and positive. The week after thankgiving is notorious for being hectic, overwheming and all around gloomy. I’ve decided that I will MAKE this week be spectacular.

This is also my last full week at home, so being able to give my family a week of “positive mom” will not only help us transition into our big change easily, but it will help me leave in a high note.

This week all of the Christmas decorations will be put up, cookies will bake and Holiday stories will be read every night. I’ve even bought some special Christmas gifts just from Mom/Wife and I’ll have the family open them the night before I go. I was going to wait and watch them open up the gifts on skype, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get online Christmas day.

I also can’t wait to make these new cookies I have planned. Of course, I’ll be sharing the recipe with you all because you can’t have too many cookie recipes, right?

So, I hope you all will have a great week! If you start to feel a slump or those post Turkey Day blues creep up, feel free to shoot over to twitter and give me a shout out. I’ll be your cheerleader!

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  1. 11.28.11
    hitenney said:

    Hi Amiyrah;
    It’s me, HiTenney! I’ve been very lax with all my on-line friends, but would really like to be supportive while you’re gone. I’m going to send an email to the address I have for you – could you please respond when you can?
    Thanks for all your frugal insights!

  2. 11.29.11
    Lucky said:

    I love your positive attitude! I hope your last week of freedom for a while is a memorable one. Stay safe.

  3. 11.30.11
    egregg said:

    Your positive attitude in this post has truly helped me today. I read it the day you posted it and didn’t think much of it but I reread it today because I needed it. Every family/individual has a reason to let things get them down. Yours right now is you leaving, mine right now is struggling with being supportive while hating my husbands job situation. Everyone has their story. After a terrible discussion last night with my husband’s boss and a lack of a discussion with my husband I woke up today fully intending to mope in bed. Then I remembered your post, reread, and found the positive motivation I needed to keep my head on straight. For that and everything you write I thank you. I’ve never met you but sometimes I think I’d be lost without your inspiration. You are a blessing to me. I hope you enjoy your last full week with your family.

  4. 12.2.11

    Amiyrah, I’ve told you a couple of times but this can never be repeated enough. Thank you for your sacrifice to our country. Please know you have many people in the blogging community thinking of you. Be safe, return home soon and keep in touch!