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Everyone knows that smartphone apps are taking over. We use them to shop, to play, to look up recipes, and even to teach our kids how to read, write and learn math. Here are a few of my favorite apps I use to help keep up our frugal lifesyle.

Foursquare– This is one of my favorite apps of all time. The premise is to check into all of your favorites shops, restaurants, and attractions. Every check in gets you points. The idea is to get more points that your “foursquare friends” and check in repeatedly to become the “Mayor” of your favorite places. I love this app because you can get great hidden deals just by checking in. Some places offer a discount on your order or a free gift with a check in, or even gift cards for the place of business. Become a Mayor and you can even get a discount everytime you enter the store! Imagine using that discount during a big sale at your favorite grocery store. Savings on top of savings!

Shopkick– this app is very similar to Foursquare, except that your points accumilate and you can cash them in for gift cards! You know how much we frugalites love getting free gift cards. Check in frequently and yield the best results. I’m pretty new to this app but love it so far. Plus, I can check into this app and foursquare to yield double savings.

A Full Cup– Yup, the famous savings site has an app! I love using this app to check out the message boards for stores I may be visiting that day. I can get up to date information on any hidden deals that may have been found at my stores, like ShopRite and Target. Also, I can report deals I may find and even upload pictures of the deal to help out other shoppers.

The best part is all of these apps are free. Yup, absolutely free. I love using free things to help me save, or even make, money…don’t you?

Do you have any favorite apps that you love to use?

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  1. 12.5.11
    Alex M said:

    What type of cell phone plan do you have? I use a “dumb” phone but need to upgrade to one where I can access email and use a few apps. As cheap as I am, I want the best deal and am curious to how you work it.

  2. 12.7.11
    Amiyrah said:


    I saved up and got an Iphone. I had my previous phone for 4 years, so getting the Iphone was warranted. There are so many great phones out there that aren’t as expensive and are smart phones. Seems like most phones now are smart ones anyway lol.

    Even the 49 buck Iphone 3GS is awesome, and it WILL last you like most Apple products.