What’s in a name

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I have one of those names.

The ones that you see on paper and think that it looks unusual, exotic and all around pretty.

The ones that you try to pronounce but mess up almost every time.

The ones that just might have a wonderful meaning, if only you had enough guts to ask what that meaning was.

Yup, I have one of those names.

One of my many “anonymous” readers left a cute comment about how they wonder all the time how to pronounce my first name. Amiyrah is one of those brandings that you may be leery to put on a young girl. She’ll have to learn early to defend her name, the way it’s said and the meaning behind. You have to have cojones to carry around this one. I’ve grown a pair over the years.

I’m sure my dear Dad didn’t realize what he was doing when he gave me the name. Because of my parents’ Muslim background, he was drawn to Arabic names as soon as they found out I was going to be a girl. The meaning, Princess, also drew him in further. Not to mention that he found an equally hard to pronounce middle name with the meaning “of light.” Princess of Light. Yup, that’s me.

It’s the pronunciation that kills it.

Nope Nope Nope.

Amiyrah = Ah-mee-rah
Amiyrah also = A-mirr-ah (like a mirror but an a at the end)

It all depends on your dialect. It also depends if I get tired of telling you it’s Ah-mee-rah and let you say the “wrong” way. Please don’t blame it on laziness. It’s the cojones. And yes, it’s because I have one of those names.

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My name is Amiyrah and I'm an an African American fashion & lifestyle blogger based in Ohio.

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  1. 12.7.11
    Anonymous said:


  2. 12.7.11
    Jenny said:

    I feel your pain. No one can pronounce my real first name either and I had to resort to using “Jenny” as susbstitute. Sometimes names that are natural in one country are completely unnatural in another and we’re forced to adjust.

  3. 12.7.11
    Shell said:

    What a beautiful name! I’ll admit, I thought it was Ah-my-rah

  4. 12.7.11

    I love your name. Pretty.

  5. 12.7.11
    Sara said:

    When I was picking names for my daughter, I was always worried about making sure people could pronounce it easy, I grew up with my maiden name being very hard to pronounce and even now my husband messes it up. Great post!

  6. 12.7.11
    Amiyrah said:

    oh ok. thanks Anonymous -_-

  7. 12.7.11
    Anonymous said:

    As someone with an ethnic name I feel your pain. I have an East Indian name that I can blame my Hare Krishna parents for. My name has NEVER been pronounced properly the first time. When I was in junior high I changed my name to Sara. I wanted something plain and simple that couldn’t be messed up. I changed it back when I was 16 because I missed my weird name…lol

  8. 12.8.11
    Anonymous said:

    I’m the anonymous who suggested you post about this. I’m so glad you felt it was worth a mention, and that I’m not the only one who’s been wondering how to pronounce it. Mystery solved!

  9. 12.8.11
    bugsi033 said:

    It is a very pretty name. I’m surprised I’ve been pronouncing it correctly. PS: Shoot me an email with the address I can send you mail once you are active.

  10. 12.8.11
    Precious said:

    I thought it was Am-i-rah also. So sorry. Love your beautiful name; it fits a beautiful lady!

  11. 12.9.11
    Anonymous said:

    My brother in law is dating an Amira. Same pronoucation just different spelling. =)

  12. 12.12.11
    Kimberly said:

    I think your name is beautiful!

  13. 1.3.12
    Amiyrah said:

    Thanks Kim!