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This is prime time for Lemons, although I never seem to have a problem finding them in my store all year-round. This is a great time to try those elusive Meyer lemons that seem to never pop up in the NorthEast, except in January at Whole Foods or Wegmans. Since this yummy fruit is in season, I wanted to put up a post about how you can use it frugality in your beauty routine. Here are some great and inexpensive ideas:

acne mark remover
Acne Mark remover
This mixture does an awesome job of removing those marks left on your face from that time you thought it would be OK to pop “that one little pimple.”

2 tablespoons honey
4 teaspoons fresh squeezed lemon juice
3 teaspoons Greek yogurt
1 egg white
yields 8 applications

Mix all ingredients together until the mixture thickens. Apply 1 tablespoon of mixture to your clean, dry face and let sit for 15 minutes. Wash off with warm water and lightly dry face. Follow up with your usual moisturizer.

yellow nail remedy
Yellow nail remover
If you wear lots of nail polish and see your nails start to turn a bit yellow after a while, this rinse will help.

1 lemon, cut in half

Rub finger tips into the insides of the lemon and repeat for 3 to 5 days or until the yellow tint is gone. You can store the lemon halves in the fridge between treatments and just get rid of them once you are done. Easy!

Beauty routine or not, what are your favorite ways to use lemons? Do you use them in cleaning? Do you have a favorite recipe that uses lemons?

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  1. 1.11.12
    Di said:

    I even love to smell like a lemon-refreshed. Love’a Baby Soft has a fairly new perfume-very light-that smells like, you guessed it, lemons.

    What does a Meyer lemon taste like?
    I know they’re more expensive but would love to try them at least once.