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It’s been a journey trying to get back into the groove of things. Learning the new family schedule, and adjusting my body to it has not been easy. Luckily, I see a break on the horizon. Spring break is coming and spring cleaning has hit the 4 Hats and Frugal household.

I’m not going all out like I usually do with spring cleaning this year. I decided to focus on areas that really needed help. Yesterday, that area was the kids’ room.
Since they share a room, it’s important to me, and them, that they have adequate space to grow together and blossom apart. Also, spring break starts next week, so they will be occupying their room together all day for seven days.

Here are Duchess’s spring and summer shoes, as of right now. They were jumbled up and unorganized, so I had to place them just so. I do predict that after her birthday, and a few trips to the thrift stores, she will have more shoes. I’ll have to re-adjust but at least they have a real home.

This was one one of my favorite ideas. We are pretty much out of diapers, but I hate to part with anything. I decided to make her diaper holder into a living space for her dollies. There are also some small blankets located behind the dolls for those times she wants to put her babies to sleep.

I also repurposed the Duchess’s changing table. We had been using it for a hodge podge of things but I always saw it as a great place to display the kids’ books. All of Sonny’s books are on top, along with his tupperware of school supplies he uses for homework time. The second and more accessible shelf is full of Duchess’s books and a few of her learning toys. The bottom shelf has 2 clear plastic drawers filled with the musical instruments we use for Music Monday and more of Duchess’s toys. The best part? The whole changing table has been moved into their closet, so I can close the door when they are not playing or for bedtime and all toys and books are out of sight. Genius.

I was so excited to get this done. It felt like the first real project that I have been able to accomplish since I’ve been back and I am am now officially motivated. I plan to keep the momentum going.

On a side note: do you think we have a Dr. Suess obsession? No? Ok, just checking.

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  1. 4.4.12

    Wow, you really ARE creative…is there anything you CAN’T do??? 🙂

    So, did you want to come to my condo and repurpose stuff and make it look nice like your ideas? :)hahahaha.

  2. 4.4.12

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. 4.5.12
    Amiyrah said:

    ahahaha are you hiring me? I tend to do better at organizing other people’s areas then my own, so that may be beneficial for both of us lol

  4. 4.6.12

    Sure! I’ll hire you! 🙂