Spring has sprung

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We’ve been really enjoying the weather here. Spring looks like it’s finally here and thanks to my phone and instagram, I’ve been able to document it all online.

On the nicest day of spring break, we took Sonny’s bike for a ride. Like the cautious boy he is, once he realized he was riding without a helmet, he immediately got off the bike. This kid cracks me up.

Duchess decided to watch her brother cruise in this ensemble. Yes, she picked it out herself. And yes, that’s the jean jacket I featured in my Kid to Kid haul.

These are the flowers that bloom in the tree outside our door. Even though they make me sneeze something awful, they are so beautiful.

Even the grocery stores are getting in on the spring celebration! My ShopRite had oodles of peppers put on clearance. I got these 4 giant peppers for 1.50.

I even got a present for Earth Day! The Husband saw me tweet about wanting to start an herb garden this year and surprised me with this. The Duchess and I will set it up today.

It’s Spring, which means its time for Spring pedicures! While I was away, I bought a Groupon for 3 pedicures at a new pedicure spa in my area. It was super fancy and I’m so glad that I got the Groupon for it, because the services are pricy there. BUT, the pedicure was spectacular, They even exfoliated my feet and legs and gave me a foot and calf massage. Oh…mama.
Have you all been enjoying the coming of Spring? What have you done so far?
This post was inspired by Mama Kat’s writing workshop. Stop on by to see the other great posts this week.

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  1. 4.26.12
    gretchen said:

    Your husband bought you an Earth Day present?! He’s a keeper. I have been buying mani/pedi Groupons too – got to love a good Groupon. Your kids are darling! Happy Spring.

  2. 4.26.12
    CJ said:

    Your children are beautiful! And I love that last photo! I’ll take two of those!!

  3. 4.26.12

    I’ll be dreaming of getting a pedicure now after reading this – that looks so relaxing! Your kids are so cute 🙂 What a little fashionista your daughter is. Happy spring!

  4. 4.26.12
    Jenny said:

    it’s good to see you’re back enjoying it a bit with the family. we’ve been superbusy with new garden expansion but come summer time we’ll enjoy organic home grown veggies for the rest of the year 🙂

  5. 4.27.12
    Amiyrah said:

    Thanks for the comments, ladies! I hope you all get to garden and get pedi’s this spring too lol.

  6. 4.27.12
    JennysMom said:

    Um, excuse me for interrupting your awesome post. Who’s the first kid, and how did he ever get that tall? And the Duchess? Can she come to the “udder coast” and be my fashion consultant every morning? I have all new clothes and a huge walk-in closet. Tell her I make the best choco chippers on the planet–that should sweeten the deal.

    Seriously, it’s Spring here. I’m planting a garden of fruits/veggies/herbs. I already have chives from last year, and adding: blueberries, strawbabies, rosemary and thyme, and grape “panetos” (One of my other “unofficial” 2 1/2-year old nephews says this for tomatoes, it’s now my newest favorite word.

  7. 4.28.12

    The kids are cute!

  8. 4.29.12
    Jen said:

    Spring is such an awesome time of year! 🙂