Making Together Better

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Live Love.

Those are the two words that stay in my mind on days when I just can’t get it together. On days where I feel like I’m not at my best. When the roles of Mom and Wife seem just too hard. On those days, I Live Love.

My family brings out the best in me. Whether it’s the biggest laugh I can muster, the best meals I can create straight from my noggin, or those moments when I just know what to say, how to feel and how to encourage each member of my family. By living the love that I feel, I become the catalyst for those wonderful times we have together.

When my son runs from the bus stop, and we get those 5 minutes of just me and him, I see the love I live. When I sit with my little girl and practice nursery songs or counting to 10, I see the love I live. When my husband has a bad day at work, but comes in to children and a wife that are beyond pleased to see him safe and back at home, I see the love I live. It makes our time together so much more precious. It makes being together so much better.

The “things” have never equaled the “being” in my life. I grew up to love time with each of my parents whether on a trip or on the couch, time with my grandparents on the front porch telling them all about my week, or now, time with my own family at the dinner table. Those are what I remember when I think of Love. Togetherness. Life as we live it.

So, I continue with what I’ve been doing; creating a place for my own family to grow, to laugh, to find contentment and to keep their memories grand and fantastic. We spend as much time together as possible and we laugh until our bellies hurt.

We come together.
We celebrate one another.
We Live Love.

This post was inspired by a wonderful contest for a Type A Parent Conference sponsorship from Brica. These are my true feelings and I was so excited to share them with you all in the form of a chance to win this great price. Thanks to Brica for inspiring me to write from the heart and to “Make Together Better”. Please take a moment to follow them on Twitter and Facebook

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  1. 5.9.12
    Alex M said:

    Our family and home is truly our refuge — and you make a very happy home!