Blueberry Syrup

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Is it just me, or are blueberries everywhere right now? I feel like every grocery store has had them on sale in the past few weeks, and like a good consumer. I’ve bought them every time.

I mean, there are plenty of places to use them up. You can make mini blueberry crumb cakes, or put them in your frozen smoothie starters, but if you want to create a great weekend treat for the family, turn them into blueberry syrup.

It’s actually pretty easy: Just take a bottle of your favorite syrup, place in a medium pot, add in a splash of lemon juice and a pint of washed and dried blueberries. Bring to a boil, and then cover and place on simmer for about 7 minutes, or until some of the blueberries burst. Let it cool and place back into your syrup bottle(with a funnel). If you see a mess coming by adding it back into the original bottle, pour it into a mason jar instead. I love using the mason jar, because the syrup really looks “homemade” when it sits on the breakfast table.

Make the family some pancakes or biscuits for Sunday breakfast and serve up this syrup. They will love you for it!

Looking for a way to keep blueberries fresh longer? Tonia from The Chatty Momma found a great solution!  She did it on strawberries but i’ve done it with blueberries and it works just as well.

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