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The beach.

It’s a safe haven for so many, and it’s a place where millions of people flock to for vacations. We wanted a real experience for our spring vacation with friends, and we knew we’d need to be near a beach. The search was on for a great place in Rincon, Puerto Rico that was ocean side but without a huge “by the beach” price. As soon as the guest list reached 7 people, I knew we needed to rent a place. Boy, did we luck out.

HomeAway.com was one of the first sites I frequented while I was deployed. I knew that I needed to use a site that could really show me the deals and give a detailed breakdown of the amenities at each rental. We needed a minimum of 4 rooms, a kitchen, and if possible, a pool. With all those requests from guests, I was a little leery about finding a place that would fit our budget. I typed in the information on Home Away, crossed my fingers and hit search. This is what popped up on my screen:

I fell in love immediately. It was a cool looking beach house with a unique design. My group of friends and I fancy ourselves as “cool and hip” (ha!) so a totally one of a kind place would fit our personalities. I just a little more searching, making sure that I gave a few options to everyone. There were many other beautiful places nearby, even next door to us:
But we all agreed: the 3 story beach house was the place for us. I made the reservation with Juan, the owner, through Home Away and we were all set. When we got to the house, we couldn’t believe our eyes. It was amazing and I personally couldn’t believe that we got all that was included for the price quoted to us.
 We made ourselves at home and bought lots of local Puerto Rican Rum 🙂
 Stainless steel appliances and an awesome mustard color paint on the kitchen walls
 Loved this light fixture! Provided light all over the kitchen and living space but looked tres chic
 Vaulted ceilings! Swoon….
The view from our kitchen balcony. One balcony of three! This was the walkway/driveway and the beach is right at the end
 Stairway to heaven a.k.a. the secluded beach
 The other stairway to heaven a.k.a. our own private pool
 The pool! It was a little chilly but we didn’t mind. There’s also a full patio right next to it and a large table right next to:
 The built-in BBQ pit. This thing was a God-send. We ate like kings for lunch and for our first dinner on the island.
 The Husband and I on our first night out. The night life was surfer chic, laid back but exciting!
After 5 days of bliss, it was time to leave. We all had wished that we’d taken Juan’s suggestion of staying 7 days; he’d even told us that by staying longer we’d get an even better deal. But, work (and kids) were calling us back to the Continental U.S. and we had to depart. Before we left, Juan stopped our car and told us this: “Always remember that you have a friend and a home in Rincon.” Those words have stuck with us all, even 2 months later. We vowed that we would be back, and maybe make this a yearly vacation. Oh, did I mention the price was right? For the 7 of us to stay 5 days in this extraordinary house, we shelled out 850 bucks. That was only 121 per person or 24 bucks a day. I couldn’t make this stuff up, people. Get yourself a rental house on your next vacation! You won’t regret it. Plus, wouldn’t you like to look as relaxed and happy as this:

This post was in no way sponsored by Home Away. I just really dig their site. And I dig cheap vacations. You dig?

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  1. 6.5.12

    Wow, that house looks awesome. Thanks for sharing this info!

  2. 6.6.12
    Anonymous said:

    Thank you for posting those beautiful pictures…you look great! And whether you know it or not, you and your husband did a very wise thing in taking a getaway without the kids. Too many husbands and wives focus all their attention on their children and forget to nurture their marital relationship. Big mistake! Remember that children grow up quickly, leave home and start their own families. Of course they will always be a part of your family unit, but they become busy with their own lives/careers/families, and there are only so many hours in a day. So who will always be a constant for you? Your spouse…IF you nurtured your relationship! Again, thank you for your lovely pictures, and I’m so glad you had a great time.

  3. 6.6.12

    Wow! What an amazing trip! And I can’t believe what a great deal it was, too! We have a big family so we prefer to stay in a house when we travel. I’ll definitely keep this site in mind for our next trip! What other places have you stayed?

  4. 6.6.12
    Amiyrah said:

    Thanks Jamie! The house was indeed very awesome 🙂

  5. 6.6.12
    Amiyrah said:


    you are so right. I try to keep that in mind quite a bit when we plan things. We used to try to have a mini vacation or full vacation by ourselves once a year, but with a tight budget we couldn’t do it all the time. Now that we are more comfortable in how to appropriate funds and how much to save towards vacations, we are starting to do things like this again, just the two of us.

  6. 6.6.12
    Amiyrah said:


    I’m so glad that you could stop by and read the post! I’ve recently become an impulse save fan through Debt Princess and you guys rock!

  7. 8.24.12
    Nichole said:

    What an awesome house! Now I want to gather up some friends and go to Puerto Rico.