Top 10 Inexpensive Father’s Day Gifts For Dad

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Need great gift ideas for Father's Day? Check out these top 10 inexpensive gifts for Dad.

It’s almost that time again: Father’s Day! Now, how can we find inexpensive Father’s Day gifts for dad? Well, we’re here to help.

In the midst of recovering from Mother’s Day, getting the kids ready to start their summer, and the the beautiful weather finally arriving, we get to celebrate the father-figures in our lives. The best part is, we don’t have to break the bank to do so. Some of these suggestions are expected, most are not. Here are top 10 inexpensive gifts for Dad:

You Do The Grilling

Every summer the men take to the grill.  On Father’s Day, let him take a break and you get cooking. To make it even better, run to a butcher for some of the best cuts he’ll ever have.

Want to give him some baked potatoes on the side? Make your potatoes right in the slow cooker: wash them, dry them, prick with a fork, cover in foil and cook in the slow cooker on high for 6 hours.

This also works great for sweet potatoes! Have a Dad or man in your life that isn’t a meat eater? Grill up some Portabella mushrooms! Make sure to get the best quality and use a marinade for them. Mushrooms Info has a great recipe for a Portabella mushroom marinade.

Make Him Some Rub

You can extend your grilling session by creating a homemade gift that he’ll love: his own barbecue rub. Most grill enthusiasts love trying out new rubs and marinades, so making one just for him will make his day, and his summer.

This is one of the inexpensive gifts for dad that you can put together with items right in your kitchen. Need a recipe? Here’s a great homemade spice rub.

Get Massaging 

We tend to forget how easy it is to give a great massage. If we can afford it, most of us buy up massage gift cards or groupons and call it a day. It’s so easy to save money on this, and treat Dad to a great massage right at home.

If it’s your significant other you’re treating, have them lay right on the bed and get going on their back. Most men don’t realize the importance of a good massage, whether it’s their back, hands or feet.

Be sure to focus on the shoulder area; that’s where most men hold their stress (as in “the world on their shoulders”). Have kids in the house? Have them give Dad a hand massage. He’ll really feel like a king after this!

Work On Those Feet

If you don’t mind really getting down and dirty, offer your man of honor a foot soak and massage. Men hardly ever take care of their feet like they should, and this is a perfect time to show them how great taking care of your feet can be.

Here’s a great recipe for a Male Foot Soak: 1 cup apple cider vinegar, 1/2 cup sea salt and a few drops of lavender or any essential oil you may have. Add that to a bucket of very warm water and let him soak for 15 to 20 minutes.

Sloth off dead skin with a PedEgg or a pumice stone, and massage in some lotion. Not really into feet? Then just have him enjoy his foot soak, and maybe bring him a cocktail while he’s relaxing.

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Make a List

Have you ever wanted to tell your Dad or the man in your life how great they are? Obviously, this is the day to do it. Take it a step further. Lady And The Blog created this awesome Father’s Day Questionnaire.  

Have the kids answer the questions, then take their sheets and place them in an inexpensive frame. Take it up another notch by sanding the frame and spray painting it Dad’s favorite color. It will be a perfect gift for a man with an office, at work or at home.

Let the Pets Honor Him Too

The questionnaire mentioned above is a wonderful idea, but if the man in your life is a “furry daddy,” you can have the pets make a cool framed gift for dad too.

Dip their paws in kid-safe paint and have them walk over a piece of paper about the size of your frame. Once it dries, type up this saying on your computer in bold letters: “We’re head over paws for you, Dad!” Place the saying at the top of the paper and frame.

Spell it Out

Looking for another great framed gift? Spell out his name and take a picture. Whether he’s Dad, Grandpa, Papa, Baba or Apu, you can create some very beautiful ways to show it in a picture.

One that’s been floating around Pinterest is having the kids hold letters spelling the name and take a shot. If you have pets that can stand still long enough, you can turn the letters into necklaces and take a picture of them holding each letter. You can find wooden letters at your local supply store, or a complete set of letters on Amazon.

Detail his Car, Right at Home

Men love cars. Men love THEIR cars. So what better inexpensive gifts for Dad could you give than to clean and detail his car right in his own driveway?

Wash and vacuum the car, then wipe down the dashboard. Want that armor all finish on the inside? Use olive oil. It’s a great inexpensive substitute and will cause a lasting shine on the interior. Plus, it’s all natural! A little oil on an old rag can shine up those rims and tires as well.

Recreate his Man Cave

You may have to get a little creative with this one, but it could be such a great project and a great surprise for Dad! If he has a place where he loves to hang out, a.k.a. a “man cave,” spruce it up by looking around the house for items to add to it.

Give the area a good cleaning, rearrange some furniture and add in pieces that are found in other rooms. Have a bigger budget? Check on craigslist for some great finds.

If it’s a home office you want to change around for him, look for cheap desks and maybe a new lounge chair for the corner of the office. A good cleaning and a coat of paint can make these items look like new. Plus, who doesn’t love a room makeover?

Make a Dad Pack! 

We do this every year for my Dad, and he gets excited over it every time. It’s simple: make him a bag or basket full of his favorite things, whether it’s a favorite shaving cream or the candy he loved as a kid.

You don’t have to break the bank to create these. Make sure to check your stockpile right at home for items that you’d want to pass onto Dad. You could have his favorite popcorn or hand lotion right in your house!

Father’s Day doesn’t have to be just for Dads. Make this a day to recognize all the men in your life that have made a difference.

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  1. 6.13.12
    Anonymous said:

    As a teenager and even an adult, I would give my dad foot massages. I give them to my husband too, but my dad was always extra grateful, especially as he got older and developed foot problems. My brother would always make fun of me for doing it, but now that my dad is gone, I’m glad I did what I could to make him feel better. So I say…go for the massage! Dad will love it!